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Blown away

Christopher Bartlett

I was blown away by the instructors masterful presentations - using modernist techniques to transform each ingredient into a masterpiece unlike the other. This is delivered in a cogent, organized manner without pretense or unnecessary fluff. All the ideas while being haught and creative, maintained one foot planted in tradition and reality.

A great experience!

Mihaela Eremia

A diversified platform, with many recipes. Recipes explained for everyone to understand. A wonderful experience!


Senna Kurohara

It is full of technics! I absolutely love it

Best technique

Jibbo Udommana

What an experience, highly recommended!!!!


Claude D.

I have loved the courses, I have learned many things and I am already putting them into practice. If you know the technique at the end of something that seemed impossible to you, it becomes possible!


Eva María Muñoz

Impressive course by Paco Roncero !!! It is a great luck to have discovered this online platform to be able to learn new things every day from the best professionals. Especially people who, due to work schedules and family reasons, cannot attend face-to-face courses, it makes it much easier for us. Thank you all.

Very satisfied


It is not the first time that I do an online course and I have been delighted! This is better structured, the presentation is neat, the ideal video format and the downloadable files are very well presented. Worth!

Highly recommended

Miguel Gil

High quality courses, the explanations are very clear, very good video and audio quality. Looking forward to starting the next course. Delighted with my subscription !!


Penny Fung

I would rate this course 10 stars!! From every detail techniques to those beautiful presentation! Thanks Chef Rafael Delgado for your sharing!