Chefs at The Green Spot: The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Spain 2020 (28th in the World) (Barcelona, Spain)

Marcelino Jiménez & Julia Kleist

What's included?

  • 2h HD video
  • 9 recipes
  • 15 lessons
  • Recipe Book (Enlish, Spanish)
  • Course certificate
    English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese


A trip around the world exploring tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes

Learn fun and original ways of making vegetarian recipes to enjoy your dishes while you also take care of your health.

Marcelino Jiménez and Julia Kleist are expert chefs in vegetarian cuisine at the Green Spot restaurant. Their extensive knowledge of vegetables and innovative, healthy recipes have managed to make even non-vegetarians and vegans fall in love. New ingredients and Super Foods are a key element in this course.

This online cooking course explores the gastronomical vegetarian and vegan cuisine around the world, educating you on the specifics of each cultures’ unique touch on this cusine. In Marcelino and Julia's course you will learn to cook 9 different vegetarian and vegan recipes, each one from a different region of the world,  and each which will include more than 15 preparations, all dishes that include only ingredients from the plant world. A course where each of the dishes, beyond tasting delicious, are healthy for the body and the planet.

Vegetarian Cuisine Marcelino and Julia
What you'll learn

Incredible and healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisines

Technique, innovation, curiosity and passion for vegetables are the elements that Marcelino and Julia will transmit in this online vegetarian cooking course. Through the 9 recipes, with preparations and ingredients from different parts of the world, you will learn to cook vegetables in unimaginable ways (which in turn, you can then adapt on your own, if you so choose.) 

For example, the chefs will explain how to make vegetarian ramen with a dashi without fish, a vegetarian burger based on green spelt, a different risotto...

All recipes are vegan, except for the papaya and carrot salad with cheese (vegetarian recipe).

Do you want to learn to enjoy yourself while feeling healthy? Sign up for this course!

Who is it for?

This online vegetarian cooking course is aimed at professionals, as well as, foodies and amateurs who like to enjoy eating and feeling good while doing it. This is also for all those who want to add vegan options suitable for non-vegans to their recipe books.

Six vegetarian dishes from the course


Chefs at The Green Spot: The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Spain 2020 (28th in the World) (Barcelona, Spain)

Marcelino Jiménez & Julia Kleist

Julia Kleist and Marcelino Jiménez are chefs at the Green Spot restaurant, where their cuisine is defined as "Vegetarian cuisine for all: vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians". Julia is of German origin and is a consultant and specialist in vegetarian cuisine. For his part, Marcelino Jiménez is an experienced chef who is capable of reformulating recipes to find amazing new interpretations. Their passion for healthy food can be quickly known, not only in how they talk about food, but in the construction of their recipes. Their passion is evident in their affection towards vegetarian cuisine, as well as, in their enjoyment while cooking these cuisines. They balance flavour and health perfectly, equally giving credit to each strong pillar of vegetarianism cooking. Each year, both chefs research new dishes for the new seasons, seeking to surprise others through a new combination of new flavors and textures, adjusting their technique, to create a unique, healthy and delicious meal. Cooking with them is as fun as it is interesting! In fact, one of the attributes that stands out in the kitchen of these magnificent chefs is the multicultural nature of their dishes. The same elaboration of Italian "origin" is reinterpreted with new ingredients from other corners of the world. Eating with them is traveling through the flavors of the world, always surprising and always fun.

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