TBTC Owner, specialist in Sous Vide Cooking (Barcelona, Spain)

Tony Botella

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Sous vide and grill: a perfect tandem of technology and tradition at the service of gastronomy.

In this online course you will learn how to combine the sous vide and grill . A perfect combination for extraordinary results. On the one hand we have the vacuum that ensures perfect cooking, texturisation to taste as well as conservation and on the other hand, we have the grill that gives us aromas, crisp textures and a unique flavour.

Additionally, you will learn different techniques that the charcoal oven presents us, such as cold smoking, cooking in a pan to take advantage of the juices and roasting. Tony Botella has selected a variety of recipes that will give a firm grasp on the different techniques with a variety of products. Fish and seafood, meats of different types and cuts as well as recipes with vegetables, using suitable utensils for each recipe. All of this allows the diner to be served a top quality charcoal grilled product much faster than the traditional charcoal grill method.

Sous Vide and Grill

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

Combine two complementary techniques with a multitude of possibilities to obtain great results

In this online course you will learn the opportunities from combining both techniques. You will learn temperatures and time necessary in a sous vide so that later, on the grill, you obtain the perfect and desired texture. You will learn the technique through a selection of recipes that you will be able to apply to different products and adapt to your own recipes. You will learn the cold smoking technique in a Josper style oven. At the end of this online course you will be an expert in combining both techniques, achieving surprising results. 

Who is it for?

This online course on sous vide and charcoal cooking is aimed at both professionals and anyone who wants to discover the possibilities of combining both techniques. Discover recipes and dishes that are possible thanks to the union of both techniques.

This online course is also aimed at people who have an oven or like grilling and who want to discover new techniques and possibilities by combining the vacuum technique.

But also to those restaurateurs who want to offer quality cuisine combined with fast service.

What you'll need

  • Grill oven (Josper style)
  • Vacuum packing machine
  • Cooking bags
  • Combi oven or thermo-circulating bath
  • Blast chiller or inverted bain-marie
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TBTC Owner, specialist in Sous Vide Cooking (Barcelona, Spain)

Tony Botella

In 2001, Tony Botella founded TBTC, ‘Tony Botella Taller de Cuina’ (Cooking Workshop), a gastronomic space dedicated to consulting, with special attention paid to the technique of sous vide cooking. In 2005 the workshop became the first sous vide cooking school for professionals. He also teaches classes at the Basque Culinary Center, lectures at the University of Barcelona, and has provided his services to the most prestigious hospitality schools in Central America. Tony Botella has been researching, analyzing and developing sous vide cooking technique for more than 15 years, and most importantly, knows how to explain it clearly and safely. He has participated in Spanish gastronomic summits such as Madrid Fusión, The Best of Gastronomy in San Sebastián, Andalusia and Gerona; as well as international summits in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. He is currently an advisor to various food service industry groups and a collaborating chef with sous vide dedicated or related brands, such as Orved, Memmert and Josper. Tony Botella began his professional career at the age of 21, in Alt Emporda, Gerona, as a stagier at the Michelin starred Restaurant La Llar. In the early 1990’s, he moved to Barcelona where he spent a decade working as Chef of the R&D Department at Grupo Paradís.


5 star rating


Fabrizzio C

A great course

A great course

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5 star rating

Very clear and dynamic

Denise R

5 star rating

It´s been very varied and complete

Dioni R

I liked it because of the variety of ingredients and preparations.

I liked it because of the variety of ingredients and preparations.

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4 star rating

Toni Botella doesn´t let you down

Damian M

A great professional and above all a great teacher, he explains it to you in a way that no longer needs to be repeated.

A great professional and above all a great teacher, he explains it to you in a way that no longer needs to be repeated.

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