Pastry chef and international consultant

Fran Segura

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Design sweet eclairs that start with high quality, primary ingredients

Trends pass yet style remains. Pâte à choux is one of the most famous French pastry doughs. It is best known for making profiteroles and eclairs.

In this online course we will focus on the elongated, elegant, and versatile version, which means “flash of lightning” in French.

Fran Segura teaches us his secrets for mastering the art of making eclairs, and shares with us his experience as a specialist in this dessert.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

- prepare a classic or flavored choux pastry base

- create fillings with different bases and characteristics

- make toppings in the form of creams or icings

- make classic, minimalist and sophisticated decorations

- create your own line of flavored éclairs.


Course curriculum

What you'll learn

The fundamental ingredients, what they offer, and how they perform

Explore the potential that primary ingredients have to offer! In addition to learning the proper technique for making choux pastry (the base of any eclair) we will teach you how to give it a creative twist by using seasonal ingredients and inspiration from your immediate surroundings.

You will learn about the role of starch in pastry creams. We'll show you a version with egg yolks and a version without.

You will learn how to prepare shiny glazes with just the right texture. You will also learn how to make whipped creams such as whipped ganache and praline chantilly, which will be useful both as fillings and toppings.

You will discover various decorations, such as fresh fruit, caramelized nuts, gels, and more.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to get started in the world of choux and eclairs, or who wants to perfect their technique.

It’s also aimed at pastry chefs or pastry enthusiasts who are looking for a renewed vision of traditional desserts.

What you'll need

  • Oven
  • Pastry bag
  • Round, star, and petal pastry nozzles
  • Silpat
  • Kitchen Aid or mixer


Pastry chef and international consultant

Fran Segura

Fran Segura has captivated the public with his innovative techniques and creative finishes. His style is based on contemporary pastry made with seasonal products and respect for the ingredients, with special emphasis on éclairs. It’s a total gastronomic experience to experience the flavors and creativity of his éclairs, which are edible luxuries to be paired with a high quality coffee.

He was formerly known as “the chocolate chef.” It was this ingredient that brought him closer to the world of pastry-making. While in Alicante (Spain), he discovered his vocation in the versatility of chocolate. A world opened up to him that went beyond chocolate bars; he could use chocolate for everything, from fillings to original sculptures.

He has won several awards since the start of his career in 2000, among them the silver medal in the European Pastry . The same year he was also a member of the Spanish national team at the World Culinary Cup in Luxembourg.

For him, the success of a creation is when the diner is eager to eat the next dish or dessert – this success is achieved by being consistent. He explains that one of the worst mistakes in pastry is to oversaturate desserts with sugar and fat, which overshadow the main product.

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5 star rating

I love it 🥰

Mays F

Really nice and attractive course

Really nice and attractive course

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5 star rating


Laine K

Easy, understable contents, without any extra information what would be necessary. Only what i see in videos maybe its translation there was icing sugar bu...

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Easy, understable contents, without any extra information what would be necessary. Only what i see in videos maybe its translation there was icing sugar but in videos its says caster sugar. 😊

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5 star rating

Wow excited to bake

Sarah Jane S

Thank you was a great course, cant wait to try testing.

Thank you was a great course, cant wait to try testing.

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5 star rating

i love the easy way and simple how he is explain

Yazan O

i love the easy way and simple how he is explain

i love the easy way and simple how he is explain

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