Owner and Chef in Monastrell (Alicante, Spain)

Mª José San Román

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All of the information about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, varieties, tastings, quality factors and uses in the kitchen

In this online course, the first thing you will be taught, by the hands of the experts Brígida Jímenez and María José San Román, is how to cook with the magnificent properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Olive oil is a World Heritage Site, a fat with great properties for health and gastronomy.

In this course you will learn how olive oil is made, the differences between the varieties, its conservation, as well as the tastings with the most characteristic oils on the market.

Brígida will speak to us about the quality parameters for each and every type of oil. We will learn the different types of oil and how to recognize them, and the main mono varieties. From the hand of Maria José San Roman we will learn different culinary techniques using virgin olive oils.

You will learn to use early oils and mature oils for different cooking techniques. You will discover how to combine and pair monovarietal varieties with different vegetables. Because each vegetable has an oil that pairs better with it.

Maria José will break the myth of frying or mayonnaise with EVOO and will even show us that oil is a very good substitute for dairy products in pastry. And of course, she, who is an expert in rice, will show us how to make a socarrat with EVOO.

Welcome to the world of liquid gold!

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

The basic principles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the varieties of the oils that you can find at the supermarket, as well as, the most successful techniques and applications for this product.

This course has two main parts: 

In the first part, Brígida Jiménez presents the key concepts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and what every chef, baker or food critic should know about the oil:  the differences between the types of oil, extra virgin - virgin - refined etc., as well as the main varieties of olive oil and their properties.  

How to buy and conserve the oil,  the elements that identify high quality, the properties of these elements and how this product affects your health. 

In the second part of the course, María José San Román explains to us the principles of seasonal and mature oils in the kitchen.  She shows us there are adequate varieties to use and which myths are simply myths and not true when cooking with Olive Oil.  

You will learn how to make classic sauces, the famous “Charred” dish and other frying techniques with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

Who is it for? 

This course is addressed to anyone who likes to cook or simply someone who cooks with olive oil. This course gives space to learn and describe the qualities of olive oil to absolutely anyone! Even a stranger!! You will learn how to buy, conserve, consume and cook in new ways which will not only improve the flavors on your plate, but will improve your health! 

Material Required 

Recommended instruments and materials for these specific recipes: (note: none of these are essential for this course.) 

  • Blender
  • Oven 
  • Kitchen Robot (Food Processor)


Owner and Chef in Monastrell (Alicante, Spain)

Mª José San Román

Winner of the two Soles Repsol awards and one Sol Sostenible award, María José San Román is a chef who is constantly evolving, combining innovation with traditional mediterranean recipes. One of the most well known Dames in all of Spanish gastronomy, María José’s enthusiasm and charisma, in addition to her involvement in following and supporting only the best ecological and natural products, makes her recipes unique and healthy.

Dedicating a large part of her time to researching appropriate products and ingredients, such as saffron, she’s known as an international expert and one who explores all the new gastronomical possibilities in traditional dishes such as “red gold” and other applications which demonstrate a high level of modern cooking. Similarly, María José is an International Ambassador and great defender of the importance of the qualities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Her restaurant, Monastrell in Alicante, focuses on preserving the flavors of the initial primal state of the material, with a special emphasis in the local, indigenous products. At Monastrell, she consolidates and shows her customers of her trajectory for the next twenty years, all from behind her stove in the restaurant.
Together with her husband, José Perramón, they have:

Restaurante «Monastrell»
«La Taberna del Gourmet»
El Asador «La Vaquería»
Y la Hamburguesería «Tribeca»

All of these belong to the group GRUPO GOURMET ALICANTE, a gastronomic project that was born in 1975 and continues to evolve, paving a highly successful path for the future of restaurants in Alicante.

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