Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and Director of Chocolate Academy (Barcelona, Spain)

Josep Maria Ribé

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All you need to know about chocolate and how to work with it.

In this online course all about chocolate, Josep María Ribé will teach you the fundamental techniques for making your own chocolate creations. Chocolate is linked to pleasure and is enjoyed as part of a dessert, or as an ingredient in its own right. However, chocolate is a complex product that’s not always easy to handle, yet once you learn the basics, you’ll be able to get the most out of chocolate and create tempting treats for others to enjoy as well. Recipes in this course include the simplest cookies, a delicious 100% chocolate cake, and the crown jewel of any pastry shop, the handmade chocolate bonbon.

Three chocolate preparations: a decoration made with a comb, a chocolate chip cookie, and a glazed chocolate cake with gold decoration

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

Get the basics for working with chocolate and learn how to transform your own desserts and sweets

Chocolate is the star ingredient in this online course, where you will learn its history, chief qualities, its varieties, and how to select the right chocolate depending upon its use. You will learn two methods for tempering chocolate for use in various recipes. You will also learn how to prepare simple yet elegant chocolate decorations to finish your creations.

Who is it for?

This online course is aimed at foodies and professionals who want to learn essential chocolate techniques and apply them to a range of desserts and sweets to achieve the best results.

Recommended equipment

  • Spatulas for tempering chocolate
  • Pastry bag
  • Plastic bowl
  • Stand mixer for the mousse recipe (optional)
  • Comb tool for chocolate
  • Guitar sheets or other type of plastic sheet
  • Thermometer

Chocolate loaf cake


Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and Director of Chocolate Academy (Barcelona, Spain)

Josep Maria Ribé

Chocolatier Josep Maria Ribé decided to dedicate himself to the world of gastronomy from a very young age. He began his cooking and pastry studies following the family tradition of hospitality. While he was studying, he discovered what has now become his main passion: working with chocolate. In 2001 he began to work with ‘Aula Chocovic’, which is now known as the Chocolate Academy BCN, and in 2003 he commenced working as a teacher in the same center. He is now the director of the Chocolate Academy. He gives courses and demonstrations nationally and internationally. His professionalism and his constant updating of his skills made him the winner of the CANJOP (National Championship of Young Confectioners) in 2004, and in 2005 he obtained the highest award of recognition possible from the Spanish chocolate industry, the MMACE (Best Master Artisan Chocolate Maker) winning the Lluís Santapau Trophy. Currently he forms part of the 21 Brix Collective, which is a group of pastry professionals united with the aim of sharing their passion for the pastry trade.


5 star rating

Loved this !!

Conan G

Interesting and informative -put forward simply for easy understanding

Interesting and informative -put forward simply for easy understanding

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5 star rating

Perfect ideas for a beginner


These courses let me know about chocolate, about different techniques, some new ideas about decoration and pushed me to learn more about this treasure!!!!

These courses let me know about chocolate, about different techniques, some new ideas about decoration and pushed me to learn more about this treasure!!!!

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5 star rating

Chocolate techniques

Naida S

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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