Creative Technical Advisor at Ken-Foods

Dina Alsina Pérez

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  • 5 recipes 
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For all tastes: Different varieties of cheesecake that everyone will love

Dina Alsina brings us five recipes with easy to use techniques, but above all with extraordinary results. The secret lies in the choice of very high quality ingredients, which is why Ken-Foods offers its line of pastry products.

We will apply basic pastry techniques to the world of cheesecakes, as well as more creative applications. The idea is to use the theoretical bases as a tool to create infinite adaptations and new recipes.

Upon completion of this online course you will be able to:

- function in the production area in a pastry shop

- prepare different types of mixtures

- make decorations suitable for different cheesecake concepts

- make easy desserts with a professional finish

What you'll learn

All the tips, tricks and secrets to make the best cheesecakes

A compilation of five recipes, each with different techniques and very special finishes.

Patterson cheesecake, was developed by an Italian pastry chef established in the United States, and is characterized by its perfect texture: moist but not too soft.

The Japanese cheesecake, very fluffy and delicate like a soufflé: soft, baked and containing little sugar.

A very fresh gelée cheesecake, with Payoyo cheese from Andalusia.

Air Cheesecake is a mousse-style cheesecake, also with very little sweetness. This recipe is very special because it won the world pastry championship.

Farmhouse cheesecake, super easy to make and quite resistant. Holds up well in the display cabinet, fridge and freezer. It is ideal for banquets, for delivery, or for heavier decorations.

Who is it for?

This course is very accessible for all. Anyone can do pastry! It is for beginner pastry chefs, pastry professionals, or anyone who wants to make a delicious cheesecake at home.

What you'll need

  • Stand mixer
  • Springform Mold 19 cm
  • Baking paper
  • Non stick paper
  • Melon baller


Creative Technical Advisor at Ken-Foods

Dina Alsina Pérez

Her life is part engineering and part art. She loves to travel, seek inspiration and create from a very methodical perspective.

Born to parents from Barcelona, and of Italian heritage, Dina Alsina got her first job in a pharmaceutical company after studying to be a laboratory technician. After a year she decided to enter the world of cooking, so she took a three year pastry course at EPGB (Escola de Pastisseria del Gremi de Barcelona).

While studying, she entered Xavier Canal's CANAL, where her taste for pastry became stronger. That opportunity was a decisive change for her career as she decided to stay in that field. After years working at Canal, she began working briefly in a hotel pastry shop, which led her to teach at a hospitality school.

After a few years she realized that R&D was her perference. She started in a dietary pastry company (wholemeal flour, no sugar...) and later moved to a larger company, a national industrial pastry factory. She made the leap to a multinational as a technician where she spent fourteen years, designing recipes and catalogs in different European countries. Her experience led her to deliver at demonstrations and fairs, and to advise chains, hotel manufacturers, distributors, etc.

In 2018 Ken-Foods signed her for a very ambitious future project. There she is dedicated to recipe design, staff training, supplier control, product development, customer advice, menu design, among other things.

Social proof: reviews

4 star rating


rawad a

I learned so much, it is incredible!

I learned so much, it is incredible!

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5 star rating


Roelof S

One of the very best courses!

One of the very best courses!

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5 star rating

Very informative

Carlos D

This course has given me many ideas to expand my cheesecake preparations. Very well presented.

This course has given me many ideas to expand my cheesecake preparations. Very well presented.

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