Our Corporate Social Responsibility

From commitment to action

Our mission

Scoolinary wants to democratize access to the best hospitality and catering training. We want to increase accessibility to the best professionals in the sector, at the most affordable prices possible, in order to help any professional in the sector to develop themselves, and also grow their business.

Our purpose is to train gastronomy lovers and professionals to develop their passion and grow professionally, in order to help them in their personal fulfillment and financial freedom.

In keeping with this purpose, the axes of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy are aimed at encouraging social development. Under this premise, we are committed to aligning our strategies in order to implement practices that enable our activities to promote a positive impact on the environment and on social well-being, taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations General Assembly.

Quality education:聽This is the central axis of our plan, so we want to guarantee high-level training with an inclusive education policy. In achieving this objective, we have promoted collaboration agreements with non-profit organizations and educational institutions that work with disadvantaged groups so that they can access our training offer completely free of charge. These institutions include:

Zero hunger:聽We want to help alleviate social exclusion and lack of access to food, which is a situation that many people find themselves in, so we have signed an agreement with聽Acci贸n contra el Hambre聽(Action against Hunger)to support their fundraising campaign to fight hunger.

Gender equality in the hospitality and restaurant sector: Despite the current movement towards a climate of greater equality, the world of hospitality and catering continues to be dominated by men. For this reason, we are committed to actions that will empower, break gender stereotypes, and promote equality within the industry. To achieve this objective, we have signed an agreement with聽Mujeres en Gastronom铆a聽(Women in Gastronomy); This alliance represents an additional way of collaborating efforts towards equality and recognizing the merit of the role of women in the sector.

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