Vittorio and Riccardo Figurato

Best Pizzeria in Spain, #2 in Europe ’50 Top Pizza’ (Madrid, Spain)

Neapolitans, from Caserta, the Figurato brothers have taken advantage of their passion for pizza and their experience in the business and marketing world to create their Fratelli Figurato brand and make the best pizzas in Spain.

Who are Vittorio and Ricardo Figurato?

Ranked #1 'Best Pizza in Spain' and #2 in Europe

The Neapolitan brothers Riccardo and Vittorio Figurato are master pizza makers and owners of Fratelli Figurato in Madrid. 

They have two restaurants in the Spanish capital city: 

  • Pizzeria Fratelli Figurato – a must: taste the most authentic Neapolitan pizza, using very long fermentation times, more than 48h 
  • Trattoria Popolare Fratelli Figurato, where, apart from the Neapolitan pizza, you can find regional Italian fresh pasta (home made). 

Riccardo and Vittorio, come from the marketing world, but have a profound passion for pizza, and cooking in general. They opened their first restaurant, Pizzeria Fratelli Figurato, in 2017, intending to bring the best and lightest Neapolitan pizza to Madrid.

Gradually, this pizza restaurant became famous in the neighborhood, then across the capital city, and it is now a pizza restaurant of reference in Spain.

In 2021, they featured in the 50 Top Pizza list, the 'Michelin stars of pizza', and in 2022 Fratelli Figurato ranked #2 in the prestigious best pizza ranking in Europe, and #1 in Spain. In September,  they will participate in the classification of the World's Best Pizzerias, for the first time.