Mª José  San Román

Mª José San Román

Restaurant ‘Monastrell’ - 1 Michelin Star (Alicante, Spain)

María José San Román seeks excellence in every dish she touches, her love for Spanish products has led her to be crowned among the best chefs in Spain.

Who is Mª José San Román?

The cook of rice, saffron and olive oil for her dedication and passion for all these ingredients

María José San Román is a cook with constant training who combines innovationn and Mediterranean tradition in her recipes. One of the greatest ladies of the Spanish gastronomy thanks to her enthusiasm and charm. In addition, she is concerned about getting the best products of ecologic, natural origin in order to make something unique and healthy out of her recipes. 

She devotes a great deal of her time to research about typical products of our gastronomy, like the saffron, something in which she is regarded as an international expert. She also explores new gastronomic possibilities of this traditional "red gold” and its different uses in modern fine cuisine. International ambassador and strong advocate of the virtues of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Her restaurant ‘Monastrell’, in Alicante, holds a Michelin Star since 2013. There, she focuses on preserving the tastes of the initial fundamental elements, with the main role of autochthonous ingredients. At the Monastrell, the chef consolidates her career of more than 20 years in charge of the stoves of this restaurant.

Together with her husband, José Perramón, they own: 

  •     The restaurant «Restaurante Monastrell»
  •     The bar «La Taberna del Gourmet»
  •     The grill house  « Asador La Vaquería»
  •     And the burger «Hamburguesería Tribeca»

They all belong to GRUPO GOURMET ALICANTE, a gastronomic project that was born in 1975 and continues evolving, reaping successful results in the gastronomic offer of Alicante.