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Gifting gastronomy is gifting life experience.  A short course or a Subscription so they can learn that recipe or technique they always wanted to learn. Scoolinary Gift Cards are the perfect option for gastronomy lovers, whether professional or amateur.

Spanish cuisine, International cuisine, pastry, bakery and cocktails. There’s no need to be stuck without a gift idea. We are here to help you. With more than 100 options we’ve something for everyone.

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Frequent questions

  • What are Scoolinary online courses?

    Scoolinary courses are online classes that allow you to learn a series of knowledge and skills to improve as a professional. Each course consists of several lessons that combine videos and texts with complementary teaching materials.

  • When do the courses start and when do they end?

    The modality of the courses is 100% online, therefore once they are published, the courses begin and end whenever you want. You set the pace for the class. You can go back to see what interests you, pass what you already know, ask questions, resolve doubts, share your projects and much more.

  • Will I have a Certificate if I complete the courses?

    We value the time and effort you put into our courses, which is why at Scoolinary we attach great importance to the learning you gain after following the course. Your efforts will be rewarded with a Certified Document with your name and the name of the course acknowledging the purchase and the follow-up, provided by Scoolinary when you have finished your courses.