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Jordi Roca

El Celler de Can Roca - 3 Michelin Stars (Girona, Spain)

Jordi Roca took his first gastronomic steps at his parents' restaurant, in Can Roca (Girona). Later, while ...

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Antonio Bachour

Pastry chef and owner of Bachour Miami. World´s best Pastry chef in 2018 and 2019 (Florida, United States of America)

Antonio Bachour grew up in Puerto Rico and has been immersed in pastry since childhood, thanks to time spen...

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Mª José San Román

Restaurant ‘Monastrell’ - 1 Michelin Star (Alicante, Spain)

María José San Román is a cook with constant training who combines innovationn and Mediterranean tradition ...

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Vittorio and Riccardo Figurato

Best Pizzeria in Spain, #2 in Europe ’50 Top Pizza’ (Madrid, Spain)

The Neapolitan brothers Riccardo and Vittorio Figurato are master pizza makers and owners of Fratelli Figur...

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Paolo Casagrande

Lasarte Restaurant - 3 Michelin Stars (Barcelonam, Spain)

Paolo Casagrande was born in Italy, very close to the sea that today provides him with his best jewels for ...

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Nandu Jubany

Owner and Chef at Can Jubany 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

Nandu Jubany was raised in the kitchen. At the age of 18, he was already working as head chef at Urbisol, t...

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Miquel Antoja

Founder of Foodlona and Instagrammer

From an early age, Miquel stood out as a prodigy in the kitchen. His talent is reflected both behind the st...

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Roberto Sihuay

Peruvian cuisine chef (Ibiza, Spain)

Roberto Sihuay studied at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima (Peru), where he worked in first ...

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Miquel Guarro

Pastry chef and Advisor. Confectionery director of the Hoffman School (Barcelona, Spain)

“Youth…..Divine Treasure” it’s a phrase that usually makes us nostalgic. To be young, to have talent, capab...

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Paco Roncero

The ‘Casino de Madrid’ - 2 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Paco Roncero studied at the Cooking and Tourism School (Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo) of Madrid and he d...

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Carles Gaig

Gaig Restaurant - 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

Carles Gaig is the 4th generation of cooks at a family restaurant founded as ‘Taberna de'n Gaig’, almost 15...

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Xavier Pellicer

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the world 2019 (Barcelona, Spain)

When Xavier Pellicer was 13 he chose cookery as his trade. Having grown up with excellent food (his father ...

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Xevi Ramon Simon

5th generation baker at Triticum (Barcelona, Spain)

Xevi Ramon Simon combined his studies with sleepless nights in the bakery workshop where he put into practi...

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Tony Botella

TBTC Owner, specialist in Sous Vide Cooking (Barcelona, Spain)

In 2001, Tony Botella founded TBTC, ‘Tony Botella Taller de Cuina’ (Cooking Workshop), a gastronomic space...

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Ramón Freixa

Ramón Freixa Madrid - 2 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Ramón Freixa was born in the 70s. Despite his young age, he already knew intuitively his fate and he joined...

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Paco Pérez

Restaurant ‘Miramar’ - 5 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Paco Pérez is for cooking what sun is for day. Accumulating 5 Michelin Stars, Paco Pérez's cuisine is char...

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Raúl Bernal

Best Master Chocolatier of Spain 2011 (Huesca, Spain)

Raúl Bernal (Huesca, 1983) happened to stumble upon the world of pastry by chance. Yet, surprisingly he bec...

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Joanna Artieda

Pastry Chef and Best Spanish Chef 2016 (Pamplona, Spain)

She was born in Pamplona, in 1989 and was raised in a family bakery. After graduating from the School ...

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Diego Rossi

Chef and Owner of Trippa (Milan, Italy)

Trippa restaurant opened in 2015 and since then it has been the most talked about restaurant in Milan. D...

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Begoña Rodrigo

Restaurant ‘La Salita’ - 1 Michelin Star (Valencia, Spain)

Born in Valencia in 1975, Begoña Rodrigo started to study industrial engineering at the Universidad Politéc...

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Pepe Solla

Owner and Chef at Casa Solla Restaurant - 1 Michelin Star (Pontevedra, Spain)

Pepe Solla is chef and owner at Casa Solla restaurant. He studied business and from a young age began wo...

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Aurelio Morales

Restaurant ‘CEBO’ - 1 Michelin Star (Madrid, Spain)

Aurelio Morales is the chef in charge of restaurant CEBO (1*Michelin) located in the hotel Urban 5*GL of Ma...

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David Gil

Cofounder and Director of Innovation, I+Desserts

David Gil was born in Vic (Barcelona) in 1990. At the age of 14 he began to show interest in cooking, and a...

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Rodrigo de la Calle

El Invernadero - 1 Michelin Star (Madrid, Spain)

Rodrigo de la Calle was born surrounded by a kitchen and nature. Son of a farmer and grandson of cooks, he ...

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Beatriz Sotelo

Manager and head chef (Illas Gabeiras - Events) (A Coruña, Spain)

She was born in 1981. She was granted an award in the 2008 Food Fair, whereby she was acknowledged as winne...

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Chema Soler

Best Young Chef within the Valencian Community

In Spain, the country of pinchos and tapas, Chema Soler has accumulated a long list of awards. Among them, ...

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Yolanda León & Juanjo Pérez

Owners and Chefs of Cocinandos, 1 Michelin Star (León, Spain)

Cocinandos was founded by Juanjo Pérez and Yolanda León, with the idea of exploiting creativity, based on t...

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Jorge Muñoz Castro

Head Chef, Astrid & Gastón (Lima, Peru)

Head Chef at Astrid & Gastón (Peru), Jorge Muñoz Castro is one of the promising young Peruvian chefs. H...

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Clara Villalón

Cook and gastronomic consultant, content creator (Madrid, Spain)

Clara graduated as an economic analyst from the Complutense University of Madrid, but after participating i...

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Luigi Di Doménico

Neapolitan chef specialized in pizzas (Barcelona, Spain)

Luigi Di Domenico is a young Italian pizza chef and gastronomic consultant; he began his training near Napl...

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Kseniia Amber

Head Chef at Slow Piggy (Odessa, Ukraine)

Kseniia Amber occupies one of the leading positions as in the forefront of a wave of young chefs in Ukraine...

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Diego López

Owner and Chef at Restaurante La Molinera (Pontevedra, Spain)

Diego López (Lalín 1988) is a young chef known as “Moli” who, after first working in Galician restaurants, ...

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Koldo Royo

Chef and trainer (Majorca, Spain)

Chef Koldo Royo likes to communicate through cooking, sharing knowledge, learning and teaching. These skill...

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Micha Schäfer

Head Chef at Speiselokal Nobelhart & Schmutzig , 1 Michelin Star (Berlin, Germany)

Chef Micha Schäfer was born in Unterseen, Switzerland, but grew up as the oldest of six siblings in a small...

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José del Castillo

Chef and Founder of Isolina Taberna Peruana, #20 in Latam 50 (Lima, Perú)

José began studying journalism and business administration, and then dedicated himself to his true passion:...

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Ada Parellada

Chef and Communicator (Barcelona, Spain)

Ada Parellada was born in the Fonda Europa of Granollers, an establishment run by the Parellada family sinc...

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Marcelino Jiménez & Julia Kleist

Chefs at The Green Spot: The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Spain 2020 (28th in the World) (Barcelona, Spain)

Julia Kleist and Marcelino Jiménez are chefs at the Green Spot restaurant, where their cuisine is defined a...

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Anjalina Chugani

Chef specialized in Indian and Ayurvedic cuisine (Barcelona, Spain)

Anjalina Chugani considers herself a passionate and emotional cook, connecting strongly with her Indian roo...

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Kyle Connaughton

Chef and Co-owner of SingleThread Farms (California, USA) - 3 Michelin stars

After living and working in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Kyle and his wife, Katina, opened SingleTh...

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Paloma Ortiz

Chef and Consultant (Barcelona, Spain)

Paloma was born in Taxco, Guerrero (México, 1985) with roots in Oaxaca and Veracruz, and was raised in Mexi...

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Mayra Flores

Chef and co-founder of Shizen Barra Nikkei restaurant (Lima, Peru)

Mayra Flores is chef and co-founder of Shizen Barra Nikkei, a restaurant in Lima that gains more followers ...

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Patrick Whuking

Chef, teacher at Urban Kitchen (Lima, Peru)

Patrick was not always linked to the world of gastronomy, but he always knew that cooking was his thing. He...

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Javier Miyasato

Co-founder of "BAO?" (Lima, Peru)

Javier Miyasato is a gastronomic entrepreneur and empirical chef. He comes from a family originally from th...

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Coco Tomita

Chef and co-founder of Shizen Barra Nikkei restaurant (Lima, Perú)

Coco Tomita Naganamine is chef and co-founder of Shizen Barra Nikkei, a restaurant in Lima that handles mod...

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Kike Martí

Rice Teacher of the Spanish Professional Cooking Team (Majorca, Spain)

Kike Martí was born in Valencia, a city characterised for having one of our most outstanding dishes in the ...

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Romain Fornell

Owner and Chef at Caelis, 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

The French Chef Romain Fornell was born in Toulouse (south of France) in 1976, and at 18 years old, he had...

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Josep Armenteros

Pastry chef and gastronomic consultant. Best pastry chef in Spain 2007 (Barcelona, Spain)

His passion for cooking developed around the stoves of his childhood home, and right from the start he alwa...

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Valentín Dupuy

Founder of Zoyla Corp (Lima, Perú)

Valentín Dupuy is a talented Argentine chef who resides in Peru and loves to share his passion for grilling...

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Daniel Álvarez

Pastry chef, chocolatier, dough specialist, owner of Dalúa pastry shop, and member of Relais Desserts (Alicante, Spain)

In the bakery, there’s a corner where the treats for those with a sweet tooth are hidden: the pastries. The...

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Francisco Broccolo

Pastry chef and inclusive pastry consultant (Liguria, Italy)

Francisco Broccolo is a pastry chef and chocolatier. He started in gastronomy at the age of 16 as a kitchen...

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João Alcantara

Owner and Chef at FOgO restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)

Born in Vitoria (Espirito Santo, Brazil), João Alcantara is a unique chef who has united his two passions i...

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Betina Montagne

Co-Founder of Wonder Cookies and Cookie Chef (Barcelona, Spain)

Born in Caracas (Venezuela), she began her training at the Centro de Capacitación Profesional de Alta Cocin...

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Yann Duytsche

Best Artisan Panettone of Spain 2016 and Miglior panettone cioccolato Italy 2017 in Dolç (Barcelona, Spain)

Yann Duytsche (Lille, 1967) is a chef who has always been clearly focused on dedicating himself to confecti...

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Eric Ortuño

Founding partner of L'Atelier Barcelona, member of Relais Desserts (Barcelona, Spain)

He began his career in 1986 when he was lucky enough to call Jean François Arnaud (M.O.F) his teacher. From...

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Xavier Donnay

World’s Best Pastry Chef 2020, Lasarte (3 Michelin stars)

Xavi shows us his versatility as a pastry chef and his talent for giving the pastry kitchen the prominence ...

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Irini Tzortzoglou

MasterChef UK Champion 2019 (Cumbria, United Kingdom)

When Irini Tzortzoglou became the UK MasterChef Champion in 2019, she was described by the judges as, ‘...

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Hardeep Rehal

Consultant, Bar Owner, Flavor Specialist (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Indian roots, British born, Hardeep Singh RehaI moved to Denmark with his parents when he was quite young....

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Andreu Genestra

Owner and Chef at Andreu Genestra, 1 Michelin Star (Illes Balears, Spain)

His first experience of a kitchen was scrubbing pans in a beach hotel when he was only 15 years old. At the...

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Miguel Carretero Sánchez

Chef of the Santerra Restaurant, Revelation Restaurant 2018 (Madrid, Spain)

Miguel Carretero (1991), born in Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real), studied at the Toledo School of Hospitality and...

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Najat Kaanache

Chef at Nur, the best restaurant in Africa and the best Moroccan restaurant in the world (Fez, Morocco)

Najat began her studies in Television and Theatre Arts at the University of Surrey - Roehampton, London. La...

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Borja Sierra

Owner and Chef at Granja Elena Restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)

Borja Sierra is a chef with a distinct personality that is reflected in his own kitchen and in the new conc...

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Robert Ruiz Moreno

Chief Innovation Officer LOV FERMENTS (Barcelona, Spain)

Originally from Barcelona, but a nomad at heart, Robert worked for years as a traveling chef in the most re...

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Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigvert Puigdevall

Owner and Chef, Les Cols Restaurant, 2 Michelin Stars (Girona, Spain)

Chef Fina Puigdevall has been running the Les Cols Restaurant, in Olot, Catalonia, since May 1990. She is t...

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Josep Maria Ribé

Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and Director of Chocolate Academy (Barcelona, Spain)

Chocolatier Josep Maria Ribé decided to dedicate himself to the world of gastronomy from a very young age. ...

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Hideki Matsuhisa

Owner and Chef at Koy Shunka, 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

Hideki Matsuhisa was born in Toyota (Japan) in 1972. From an early age he was introduced to Japanese cuis...

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Rafael Delgado

Pastry Chef, 21 Brix Colective (Barcelona, Spain)

Rafa Delgado Salvador was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1987. He studied at the Joviat School of Hospital...

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Francesca Ferreyros

Founder of Baan (Lima, Peru)

Francesca is one of the most important young talents in modern Peruvian cuisine; She began her career in 20...

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James Berckemeyer

Founder of COSME (Lima, Peru)

James is a Peruvian chef and businessman who began his training by practicing at the renowned Astrid y Gast...

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Xabier Goikoetxea

Executive Chef, Oria Restaurant, 1 Michelin star (Barcelona, Spain)

Xabier Goikoetxea completed his Higher Degree studies at the Hospitality School of Leioa (Vizcaya, Basque C...

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Fran Agudo

Chef at Mont Bar, 1 Michelin Star, 1 Sol Repsol

The pandemic led him to reinvent himself. His life took a 360-degree turn after the closure of Tickets. Tha...

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John Husby

Chef de Cuisine and Owner at Chuka

John Husby is a progressive culinary professional with 15+ years experience in the United States and Europe...

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Noelia Pascual

Co-director of Cachito, winner restaurant for Best Paella in the World (Alicante, Spain)

Noelia is a 4th generation wood fire chef, and today she honours her ancestry and all of Spain by being the...

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Viviana Varese

Head chef of ViVa (Alice Ristorante), 1 Michelin Star (Milan, Italy)

This Michelin-starred chef started cooking in her family’s fish restaurant when she was a child. Her person...

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Alejandra Schrader

Award-winning author, Plant-based Nutrition certified Chef, food TV personality and activist based in Los Angeles, CA

She is the author of “The Low-Carbon Cookbook and Action Plan: Reduce Food Waste and Combat Climate Change ...

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Hervé Corvitto Lafont

CEO of Gelats Angelo (Barcelona, Spain)

Hervé studied Business Administration and Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Shortly aft...

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Juliana López May

TV presenter and creator of Juliana López May - Cooking Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

With more than seven years of original television series, books, talks and advising companies and brands, J...

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Kriss Harvey

Chef Chocolatier and consultant in Beverly Hills, United States

Kriss Harvey studied under the tutelage of Master Chocolatier Pascal Janvier. With a desire to fine-tune hi...

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David Rickett

MasterChef UK Finalist 2020 (London, United Kingdom)

Currently living in Greenwich, London, and having studied Fine Art at Leeds University, David Rickett is no...

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Dina Alsina Pérez

Creative Technical Advisor at Ken-Foods

Her life is part engineering and part art. She loves to travel, seek inspiration and create from a very met...

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Máximo Cabrera

Assessor and Trainer

Máximo Cabrera was born in Balcarce, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a self-taught chef, resea...

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Lalo Plascencia

Chef, gastronomic researcher and founder of CIGMexico.

Eduardo "Lalo" Plascencia is the founder of CIGMexico, the largest community dedicated to research and inno...

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