Anjalina Chugani

Anjalina Chugani

Chef specialized in Indian and Ayurvedic cuisine (Barcelona, Spain)

Her mother gave her a spice box as a gift, which she soon turned into her indispensable weapon when it came to winning over her guests with a spectacular burst of colors, aromas and flavors.

Who is Anjalina Chugani?

Anjalina Chugani was born in London, but at the age of 14 she moved to Bangalore, a city in south-east India. This vital journey allowed her to discover her love and passion for the culture of her native country and its gastronomy.

Anjalina Chugani considers herself a passionate and emotional cook, connecting strongly with her Indian roots. A citizen of the world, she has lived in London, and Bangalore, has spent numerous summers in Manila and now resides in Barcelona with her family. She has travelled far and wide to connect with her family and believes that the best education is travelling.

Her recipes come from memories of the flavors and aromas of her mothers' and grandmothers' kitchens.

She studied at Hofmann Culinary School for two years and then decided to dive into teaching Indian cuisine, organising private events as well as advising restaurants, developing recipes for them and training their staff. 

During her cooking classes, the idea for Soul Spices was born. Her first cookbook is based on the benefits and properties of spices. 

She taught cooking courses showcasing Indian cuisine, spices and lifestyle and more recently Ayurvedic recipes.

Anjalina has been specialising in Ayurveda because of the need for a change in her lifestyle and diet, as she has persistent digestive problems. 

Going back to her origins, she discovered that this science of life, Ayurveda, was not only going to be beneficial for her body, but also for her mind.

Anjalina Chugani Cooking