Co-director of Cachito, winner restaurant for Best Paella in the World (Alicante, Spain)

Noelia Pascual

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A harmony of tradition and innovation savoured in each grain of rice

In this course you will learn to prepare dishes on the wood fire. The use of fire signifies a ‘before and after’ in the way in which we eat, and by using it properly we can get the most out of it to enrich the aromas.

We have chosen a selection of the most successful rice dishes prepared by Noelia Pascual: a sticky rice with cod, the traditional recipe for rice with a soufflé crust from Elche (typical of the Elche area) prepared in a clay casserole dish, and the rice with rabbit and snails could not be left out as it is proclaimed the Best Paella in the World.

Wood-Fired Paellas

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

Master the wood fire that will give personality to the best rice dishes and paellas

In this course you will learn to master the technique of fire cooking: what type of wood to use, how to lay it, how to light the fire, how to maintain it and the effect of firewood on the rice.

You will discover everything you need to know to make the best rice dishes with or without firewood: which rice to use, proportions, whether to use saffron threads or make an infusion, how to make a perfect crispy bottom, etc.

You will learn about cutting and cooking meat, such as cleaning snails, and cutting up chicken and rabbit to make the famous "senyoret" rice that is eaten with a spoon, without getting your hands dirty!

The chef Noelia Pascual will even teach you how to prepare from scratch,  her broths, stocks and brands from the world of champion rice, to a crusted rice, to one with vegetables and another with cod and potatoes. 

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at professional chefs and adventurous amateur chefs. With these recipes you can show off good seasoning and put on a show around the fire and the table.

Necessary equipment

  • Paella pan 60 cm diameter 
  • Clay pot
  • Iron tripod
  • Costrera (metal implement)
  • Firewood
A montage of legume dishes


Co-director of Cachito, winner restaurant for Best Paella in the World (Alicante, Spain)

Noelia Pascual

Noelia is a 4th generation wood fire chef, and today she honours her ancestry and all of Spain by being the winner of the World Paella Day Cup.

She grew up in the kitchen with her family that has run the Cachito restaurant since 1935, cooking and giving the best service to all the people who visit her home. Today, along with her sister, she makes sure that the cuisine of yesteryear is not forgotten, that it is enjoyed ,in a symbolic place like the Elche countryside. With contemporary touches and products from her own garden, they offer the diner a delicious gastronomic experience for the senses.
From a very young age it was clear that she wanted to be like her grandmother and cook those delicious dishes eaten with a spoon. She trained at the CDT in Alicante, and then did a master's degree at the UA in Hospitality Business Management.
Noelia has won several awards and distinctions for the quality of her paella, including Best Rice Restaurant in the Province of Alicante for 4 consecutive years, a recognition obtained for making authentic paellas and rice dishes. Her last award was Best Paella in the World at the World Paella Day Cup 2021.
Today she is also dedicated to teaching courses on the cuisine of yesteryear and contemporary cooking.
"I am very proud to be a cook, I love my job and it is my way of understanding life. I want to continue as long as I can sharing joy through my cooking using passion, heart and the desire to bring happiness to everyone who wants to enjoy it”

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