El Invernadero - 1 Michelin Star (Madrid, Spain)

Rodrigo de la Calle

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Discover a new world of techniques and vegetables recipes with Rodrigo de la Calle

In this online course you will learn to exalt and give value to this succulent, suggestive and healthy delicacy: "vegetables", thanks to techniques and knowledge that will expand your repertoire of flavors and techniques by the hand of Rodrigo de la Calle

The chef of reference of the moment in cooking with vegetables is undoubtedly Rodrigo de la Calle. Currently, great international chefs ask for his advice, because in addition to being an excellent cook, he is a researcher and creator of the "Gastrobotanica" concept and is at the forefront of the vegetable vanguard. 

This course will make you see and treat vegetables in a different way by using innovative, sophisticated techniques.

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Rodrigo de la Calle's philosophy, techniques and recipes

In this online course, chef Rodrigo de la Calle, with 1* Michelin, will show you his love for vegetables, their attributes and how to cook them with proficiency. He will teach you and explain the multiple knacks to make vegetables dishes more tasty and nourishing. You will learn techniques to ferment, you will achieve the precise cooking time to get valued crunchy vegetables, and you will discover how to season your dishes with Asian touches. You will get to elaborate sophisticated, healthy dishes with this vegetables course. 

Who is it for?

This online course is thought for gastronomic professionals willing to make the most of vegetables, foodies  in love with gastronomy, vegetarians and even vegans. It is for everybody who wants to highlight the value of vegetables and learn to cook them in an original way. You will take back traditional ingredients and add new elaborations and products to create delicious, healthy recipes.

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  • Thermometer
  • Peeler
  • Ice-cream spoon

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Take your cooking skills to the next level. Learn from anywhere at your own pace.

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El Invernadero - 1 Michelin Star (Madrid, Spain)

Rodrigo de la Calle

Rodrigo de la Calle was born surrounded by a kitchen and nature. Son of a farmer and grandson of cooks, he used to enjoy in nature since his childhood. He studied at the Cooking School (Escuela de Hostelería) of Aranjuez and he was hired as chef at the hotel Huerto del Cura after having finished. Once there, he became the executive chef. At that moment, De la Calle knew Santiago Orts, the botanist of the hotel garden, with whom he created the concept “Gastrobotánica”. He introduced different varieties of vegetables (until then unknown by a large part of cooks) in his dishes. From that passion, he started to work with Andoni Aduriz, Paco Torreblanca, Quique Dacosta and even Martín Berasategui, this last one considered as his teacher and advisor by Rodrigo himself. In 2007, Rodrigo de la Calle opened his restaurant, called after him, in Aranjuez. He later moved this restaurant to Madrid, where seasonal vegetable products are the protagonists and he carved his own cooking style out, based on the respect for nature. After being acclaimed as Breakout Cook (Cocinero Revelación) in Madrid Fusión in 2009, Cook of the Year (Cocinero del Año) in 2010, Chef de l’Avenir in 2010, and getting a Michelin Star in 2011 (a Star that he took back in the Michelin Guide in 2017) and his two Repsol Suns (Soles Repsol)... he became Joël Robuchon's advisor in 2015 for one of his laboratories in Paris, and his research was developed in Asia! Despite the fact that Rodrigo de la Calle is well-known for being a vegetables lover, he states that he is not a vegetarian nor a vegan, althought he only uses meat and fish to season his dishes. Rodrigo de la Calle's creations are a perfect mixture of excellence, good taste, nutritious awareness and the respect towards nature.


5 star rating

loved it

Stefanie S

very inspiring and a lot of new stuff for me

very inspiring and a lot of new stuff for me

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5 star rating

excelente curso

paolo m

al momento aprendiendo algo que desconocia

al momento aprendiendo algo que desconocia

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