Rice Teacher of the Spanish Professional Cooking Team

Kike Martí

What's included?

  • 2h30min  HD video
  • 40 lessons
  • 7 Recipes
  • Course certificate
  • Audio: Spanish
  • CC: English, Spanish

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Organisation, preparation and finalisation of the most popular Mediterranean paellas

In this online course Kike Martí shows how to make paella. The popularity of this dish has meant that, nowadays, it has expanded with a large number of variants adapted to a multitude of ingredients and is therefore one of the most representative dishes of Spanish gastronomy on an international level.

If we talk about paella, the master rice cook will guide us when selecting the variety of grain, the utensils and even the best type of fire to make rice at home and at a professional level.

You will also learn how to organise a batch of rice in a restaurant and how to adapt it to your needs or what type of paella to choose to make at home.

Kike Martí will teach you how to make three concepts of rice dishes, gastronomic rice, prepared in an iron casserole and finished in a charcoal oven. A large-volume paella for restaurants or events made on a gas cooker and finally, a rice dish at home, in this case creamy lobster rice. 

Among the recipes included in this course we cannot forget the 4 top Mediterranean rice dishes that will pleasantly surprise your guests or friends and family. You will receive tips and tricks from this master rice cook to make from start to finish the black paella, the vegetable paella and even the emblematic Valencian paella.

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

Learn how to choose the best grain, type of fire and most suitable heat application.

In this online course, you will learn with the Rice Teacher of the Spanish Professional Cooking Team (Selección Española de Cocina Profesional). You will learn about the best grain of rice for each type of paella, what type of heat is more suitable for the different elaborations that you will be shown. Also, you will learn 7 recipes, from a gastronomic rice dish or large paella to a homemade rice dish, and all this without leaving aside classic paellas or dry rice dishes. 

In addition, the rice teacher Kike Martí will reveal the secrets for the organisation of a shipment of rice in a restaurant, what can be ready in advance and how it should be done. He will explain what the broths/fumets, stews and toppings are.

Who is it for?

This course is thought for cooks and different professionals from the restaurants industry willing to implement or improve their rice dishes by adjusting a series of factors depending on the type of business. Likewise, it is thought for cooking lovers who want to discover the secrets to cook a good paella.

What you'll need

  • Gas or induction stoves
  • Paella pans
  • Gas or wood oven
  • Ladles of 250 ml
  • Saucepan for the cooking of broths and fumets
  • Cast iron pan
  • Cutting board


Rice Teacher of the Spanish Professional Cooking Team

Kike Martí

Kike Martí was born in Valencia, a city characterised for having one of our most outstanding dishes in the Spanish gastronomy, the Paella. According to the experts of this dish, it was originated in rural areas between the 15th and 16th centuries. It originated out of peasants' need to cook an easy, cheap dish with local products, such as vegetables, poultry and pulses. For such reason, Kike was self-taught and he started in this world just by chance, more precisely thanks to his younger brother. His experience has allowed him to prepare more than 80.000 plates in the whole Mediterranean basin in the last years. With his presence in hotels and mainly in the best beach clubs, his know-how and good technique are now etched in the minds of their cooks and kitchen assistants. Kike belongs to the Spanish Professional Cooking Team as rice teacher, and he represents Spain in all events at a national and international level. Thanks to his participation in the aforesaid team, he was summoned as Rice Teacher of “El gourmet de La Roja” (Spanish Football Team) and is now permanently in it. In 2018, Kike created the brand Arrózame, devoted to cooking training, events creations and rice selling, whose headquarters are in Palma de Mallorca, Bolivia and Malta.

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