Pastry chef, chocolatier, dough specialist, owner of Dalúa pastry shop, and member of Relais Desserts (Alicante, Spain)

Daniel Álvarez

What's included?

  • 2h 30' HD video
  • 8 Recipes
  • 28 lessons
  • Recipe Book (English, Spanish)
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Sophisticated doughs and preparations that will stand out

We put at your fingertips an online course in which you will discover pastry doughs and preparations that are out of the ordinary, a whole universe of techniques to discover pastries like never before through 8 delicious recipes. 

All this imparted by no other than chef Daniel Álvarez, pastry expert and member of the prestigious Relais Dessert pastry association. Dani openly confesses his enormous passion for pastries, a passion that he will transmit to you in each lesson of the course in which you will learn everything you need to make different doughs and be able to get the most out of each recipe, achieving perfect flavor and texture as a result. 

In this online course you will learn how to make original pastry doughs, including the kneading techniques as well as the ideal fermentation and cooking times along with the techniques to make multiple recipes. 

Discover how to make haute cuisine pastry creations by learning how to choose the best ingredients and the tricks to treat them as any pastry deserves, all from the hand of a master who has been in the world of pastries for more than 30 years.

cut salmon, soy sauce and nori sheets
What you'll learn

8 recipes with two basic doughs

Tricks for a good kneading; the importance of lamination in both sourdoughs in the course: in the croissant dough and the flaky brioche dough (important, the type of flour and the folds!); how to make filled doughs on the inside and the outside and other recipes like the sweet Bretzel or a two-coloured croissant. 

This way, in this online cooking  course, Daniel Álvarez shares his skills to make different creations with the same dough. For example, with the croissant dough, you will be able to make pain au chocolat, a cream knot, and carrés aux Pommes (square-shaped apple pie) or, with the flaky brioche dough you will achieve creative and aesthetic recipes like the almudevar braid, bretzels or a banana and toffee schnecken.

Who can resist to the unbeatable textures, crispy on the outside and smooth and fluffy on the inside of these pastries? Discover all the secrets of grand pastry cuisine with this online baking course.

Who is it for?

In this online confectionery course, we focus on teaching and perfecting the techniques in confectionery so that both professionals and foodies will be able to master the correct preparation of doughs and pastry to enjoy a final haute cuisine product made with your very own hands. Is a cooking course ideal for all of those who want to learn all the baking tricks in an educative and easy way.

Equipment Needed 

  • Kneader: kitchen Aid or professional (optional)
  • Rolling Pin 
  • Rollin mill (optional)
  • Molds


Pastry chef, chocolatier, dough specialist, owner of Dalúa pastry shop, and member of Relais Desserts (Alicante, Spain)

Daniel Álvarez

In the bakery, there’s a corner where the treats for those with a sweet tooth are hidden: the pastries. These types of preparations aren’t usually associated with haute cuisine, however, everything changes when the person creating these delicacies is master pastry chef and chocolatier, Daniel Álvarez.

Daniel Álvarez is undoubtedly a master of pastries, due to the ingredients he works with, which are of the highest quality, as well as the techniques he uses, which he complements with originality, tradition, creativity, avant-garde and a delicate touch. All these elements describe the work of Daniel Álvarez, and like all creators, he is associated with a masterpiece. In his case, the chocolate panettone, the candied orange peel, the inverted puff pastry millefeuille, and his croissant. Throughout his career he has worked with great pastry chefs from across Spain and Europe such as: Ramón Morató, Pierre Hermé, Frederic Bau, Bellouet Conseil, etc.

The chef, pastry chef and chocolatier is a fourth generation pastry chef from Murcia. It was his father and his uncle who started the family business, a pastry shop called “Los Murcianos”. In 1985, his mother opened DALUA in Elche (Alicante, Spain), an avant-garde pastry shop of quality. The popularity of DALUA grew rapidly due to the quality of the products that can be found there, such as pastries, chocolates, cakes, etc. It should be noted how they produce one of the star products at DALUA: the inverted puff pastry millefeuille. It could be classified as a JIT type of production (just in time) because only a small number are made and they are assembled close to the moment of purchase in order to maintain the highest quality, which is an essential requirement when we talk about haute cuisine. Today the DALUA pastry shop is recognized among the best in Spain, and the world.

Daniel Álvarez is recognized throughout the pastry world. He was classified in 4th place at "Les Croquembouches" in Paris (1998), and was runner-up at the Spanish Pastry Masters (1999 and 2000). He won the Gold Medal at the Euro-American Pastry Championship (2000 and 2001), he was a member of the "Coppa dell Mondo della Gelateria" team in 2005 and 2007, and is currently a teacher at the Chocolate Academy in Spain and Mexico, in addition to collaborating with various gastronomic magazines. Since 2016, he has been a member of the exclusive worldwide association, Relais Desserts, and is an ambassador for Cacao Barry.

To publicize his work, pastry chef Daniel Álvarez released his book "Sweet Devotion", which is a current vision of artisan pastries where he shares the experience he has acquired during more than 30 years within the trade, offering tricks and tips, and also a special focus upon how to obtain a superb result with each preparation. It’s an essential manual for those who want to perfect, or start, their career in the sweet world, and a second edition has already been published.

In 2019, Daniel was also a judge on one of the first Bake Off pastry talent television shows, along with Miquel Guarro and Betina Montagne.

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