Savory Finger Food

A new perspective on the world of gourmet tapas, finger foods, and small bites, these dishes stand out as haute cuisine that’s casual.

The world of modern tapas, loaded with flavor and full of technique

Small plates are a very important element in today’s gastronomy, especially in restaurants with tasting menus.
They offer opportunities for exploration through their ingredients and through the ways they are consumed.
The world of tapas and savory finger foods is as vast as the cuisine of each country is varied.
They are an opportunity to taste local gastronomy and understand traditions in small bites.

By the end of this online course you will be able to:

– prepare elegant and refined tapas

– be inspired by classic recipes and turn them into small bites

– make each small bite an explosion of taste

– play with textures, finishes, and plating to transform them into a gastronomic experience.

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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Finger food and snacks within a restaurant context
Chapter 3 - Ceviche Snack
Chapter 4 - Chicken Skin and Squid Canapé
Chapter 5 - Cockle Soufflé
Chapter 6 - Beetroot flower with caviar
Chapter 7 - Carbonara Reinterpreted with Sea Cucumbers
Chapter 8 - Shiso Leaf Tempura with Red Prawns and Tosazu
Chapter 9 - Razor Clam a la Donostiarra
Chapter 10 - Coca Bread with Tomato Butter
Chapter 11 - Tomato Salad, Anchovies and Oloroso Consomé
Chapter 12 - Pizza with Smoked Sardine and Tomato
Chapter 13 - Mackerel with Tomato Ponzu

What you'll learn

Recipes based on Mediterranean inspiration and prepared with modern techniques

This online course covers a large range of techniques to provide you with complete knowledge on the topic. Each recipe is an elaborate process intended to achieve exquisite results.

You will learn how to work with different textures and ingredients: crunchy, fried, filo dough, etc.

You will also learn how to use avant-garde ingredients such as alginate, agar-agar, inulin, and methyl.

In addition to textures, you will be able to create fat-free vegan butters, spherifications, and gelatins.

You will explore each ingredient’s potential with creations you may have never imagined, for example, fake “spaghetti” made from royal sea cucumber, or a spreadable sourdough cream.

One of the star ingredients in this course is the tomato. You will learn how to use it in different ways; you will create several dishes based on this fundamental ingredient.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at all chefs who seek to reach their diners through small signature plates, which represent a solid concept and demonstrate both tradition and evolution.

What you’ll need

  • Turmix
  • Coin Mold
  • Thermomix
  • Oven
  • Blowtorch
  • Siphon with injection nozzle
  • Pastry sleeves
  • Pastry cutter
  • Silica gel
  • KitchenAid or stand mixer

*Equipment recommended for some recipes (though not essential for the course)

249 - Savory Finger Food_presentacion 2
Ador Zarei

Need some more work to translate it to US English our subtitles

ginodekerf@telenet.be De Kerf

I really , really enjoyed this class well done!!!

Great course!
hunter Wyman

Just the use of inulin has changed the way I make dishes forever.

Excellent course
Jen Dean

Very well demonstrated, well explained and inspiring

This hyper-creative chef evolves the concepts of Spanish tapas and small plates.

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  • 1 h 45 min of HD video
  • 11 Recipes
  • 41 Lessons
  • Recipe ebook
  • 12 Quizzes
  • Certificate
  • Español, English
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  • Advanced

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Ador Zarei
Posted 3 weeks ago

Need some more work to translate it to US English our subtitles

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hunter Wyman
Posted 2 months ago
Great course!

Just the use of inulin has changed the way I make dishes forever.

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Jen Dean
Posted 2 months ago
Excellent course

Very well demonstrated, well explained and inspiring

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ginodekerf@telenet.be De Kerf
Posted 6 months ago

I really , really enjoyed this class well done!!!

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