Owners and Chefs of Cocinandos, 1 Michelin Star (León, Spain)

Yolanda León & Juanjo Pérez

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A fascinating course about the world of mycology, full of recipes and tips

Can you imagine how many different fungi there are in existance? There are many different types of fungi found in Spain; That’s why we should familiarize ourselves with them to be able to differentiate between good and bad. The discipline of mycology is based on all these aspects, which are essential studies for lovers of the seasonal harvest, or for professionals in this sector. Yolanda Léon and Juan Pérez are the chefs and owners of Concinandos, a restaurant awarded with a Michelin Star. In this online course, they will show you the most famous mushrooms from the Iberian peninsula, different types of mushroom, their classification, and physical and organoleptic properties. 

This is an online course aimed at satisfying lovers of this fantastic product: the mushroom. The purpose is to prepare a tasting menu based upon mushrooms, and to get to know some of the many possibilities that this ingredient offers us, whether fresh, frozen or dehydrated.

You will learn how to work with mushrooms, and know which preparations they are most suitable for. Mushrooms can provide an exquisite touch to our recipes, can be eaten by all types of palates, including vegetarian and vegan, and can be prepared with various techniques that you will discover in this course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

* Differentiate the general morphology of the mushrooms: cap, hymenium, stalks and flesh

* Get acquainted with the different types of fungi: saprophytes, parasites, symbiotic

* Get to know what is needed for an excellent harvest: environmental factors and what not to do in the forest

* Learn how to handle fresh mushrooms when harvesting, and the cleaning process either for cooking or preservation purposes

* Get to know the different dehydration and hydration processes, freezing and de-freezing techniques, canning and pairing of mushrooms

* Get to know a guide of mushrooms and truffles and a great number of recipes

All this along with two chefs who offer a traditional cuisine, yet renewed and updated; being the Leonese traditional cook and products of the area the basis of their gastronomy

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

How to clean and preserve mushrooms, make basic preparations, and use them to prepare fantastic signature dishes

In this online course about the enthralling world of mushrooms, you will learn how to differentiate a wild mushroom from a cultivated mushroom; how to work with a Tuber Melanosporum, that is to say, a truffle.

The chefs from the Michelin starred Concinandos restaurant, will teach you how to work with fungi, from the moment they arrive in boxes at the restaurant, to the cleaning process, to the preservation, and how to use each type.

Juanjo Perez, chef and owner, will give the original name in latin, and along with Yolanda León, chef  and owner,  will speak about the season, particularities, gastronomic benefits of Boletus Edulis, Niscalos, of a mushroom called Jelly Ear or another one called Trumpet of the dead, and also about the attention to be paid to morels.

Yolanda and Juanjo will provide the necessary advice so that you are confident to work with all these types of mushrooms. 

Who is it for?

Chefs and foodies who would like to learn the basis of gastronomy with mushrooms, either wild or cultivated, who want to learn all that is necessary to be able to handle them without any risk of intoxication. 

What you´ll need

Instruments or materials suggested in some of the recipes (not essential for the course):

  • Turmix 
  • Roner
  • Pacojet
  • Thermomix 
  • Microwave


Owners and Chefs of Cocinandos, 1 Michelin Star (León, Spain)

Yolanda León & Juanjo Pérez

Cocinandos was founded by Juanjo Pérez and Yolanda León, with the idea of exploiting creativity, based on their knowledge of the product and the culinary techniques. The project is that of a young and dynamic team, desiring to contribute their vision of an updated Leonese cuisine
They are two chefs who have learnt at some of the best restaurants in Spain.
Juanjo studied cooking at the school of Hostel and Tourism in Madrid. On finishing his studies, he started working in different restaurants of the capital city. One day, at the age of 19, he had the opportunity to work at Arzak, in San Sebastian. Here, he got acquainted with the new cuisine, and from then onwards, he started his path, and worked for different spaces such as La Broche, Amparo, Echaurren….
Yolanda, on the other hand, was born in Leon, moved to Galicia to study in Catering and Hospitality business in Santiago de Compostela. There, as in the case of Juanjo she had the marvellous opportunity to go to work with Juan Mari Arzak ( and she did not doubt). She got to know cuisines spots such as Casa Marcelo, Echaurren, Mateo…Yolanda has been sharing her work at COCINANDOS with the CIFP Ciudad de León, where she gives lessons to cooking cycles as technical cooking teaching since the year 1998.
Cocinandos has no menu, just a tasting menu, changing every 15 days, depending on the product found, on a daily basis, in the market. We prefer to renew, more than innovate. In Cocinandos you will find traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy, yet prepared with the most current ideas and techniques that will allow us to improve what was good before. We only have one menu, varied and always variable, because we prepare it based on the quality of products found every day in the market.
Such a menu is made up with an aperitif, a soup, a salad, fish, meat and a dessert.
Their cuisine can be denominated as an updated market Leonese cuisine.
The restaurant's decor is minimalist, and an attractive detail is that the kitchen is in the middle of the dining room, so, you can see how they cook, evidencing there is nothing to hide, and demonstrating that the main character in their cuisine is the product.
They also offer a wide wine menu, with more than 400 national denominated reference wines, as well as some international wines.
The resto is located next to the church and the national San Marcos parador.
In their 18 years of history, they have gained certain recognition such as two Repsol suns and a Michelin star.


5 star rating

Super Course! Incredibly interesting

Lara Y

Yolanda y Juanjo, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. I've been in the world of mushrooms and cooking without knowing all this, it's incredible: the tri...

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Yolanda y Juanjo, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. I've been in the world of mushrooms and cooking without knowing all this, it's incredible: the tricks, recipes. Super cool.

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5 star rating


Alejandro I

5 star rating

Very interesting

Inma B

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