The ‘Casino de Madrid’ - 2 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Paco Roncero

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  • 7 Recipes
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  • Audio: Spanish
  • CC: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese 

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Course of tapas in haute cuisine by Paco Roncero

In this online course about tapas, Paco Roncero will bring you the last techniques and tendencies with sophisticated, very original tapas.                 

His vast experience around the world and his impeccable trajectory as chef lets him gather, under the concept of tapas, plenty of cooking disciplines and tastes from all over the world.

Dare to live this exclusive experience with Paco Roncero's online course and turn your tapas into real creations!

Tapas are small doses of art and sophistication that let cooks the possibility to offer guests a wider variety of experiences and tastes in just one bite. In recent years, tapas have crossed borders and have become a popular type of food amongst the greatest current gourmets and creators.

What you'll learn

Small doses of art and sophistication

You will learn all the concepts and necessary techniques to cook astonishing fine cuisine tapas step by step.

For example, you will learn how to deconstruct food to create amazing shapes and how to use foodstuffs that look like others to astonish your guests.  

All in all, you will learn from Paco's ingenuity to find technical solutions with which you will polish the taste of your food and give it its own universe of tastes.

Who is it for?

This online course about tapas is thought for foodies and professionals who want to learn how to confer a new point of view upon their dishes and tapas, full of creative expression and professional technique. It is for all those interested in the world of tapas and willing to learn how to cook sophisticated, innovative ones with Paco Roncero.

What you'll need

  • Plastic bags and vacuum packaging machine
  • Silicone mat
  • Round pasta-slicer
  • Kitchen tweezers
  • Brush
  • Giant donut cake pan (silicone)
  • Food processor or Thermomix type
  • Thermometer
  • Trussing needle or fork (para bañar bombones)
  • Roner (device to keep water at a constant temperature to cook in a vacuum)


The ‘Casino de Madrid’ - 2 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Paco Roncero

Paco Roncero studied at the Cooking and Tourism School (Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo) of Madrid and he did some internships in Zalacaín and at the Hotel Ritz until the moment he joined the staff of the ‘Casino de Madrid’ in 1991. He really succeeded in just a few years, becoming part of the leadership organisation in the Casino, including the management of the area of feasts and the restaurant ‘La Terraza del Casino’, under the management of NH Hoteles. At that time, his creative personality exploded and his virtues of creator meant a real revolution for the Casino and for the national cooking panorama. He was soon awarded the ‘Premio Chef L’Avenir 2005’ by the International Academy of Gastronomy and the ‘2006 National Gastronomy Award’ by the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronoy (Real Academia de Gastronomía Española). Paco Roncero's cuisine is the result of the skillful mastery of the most evolved cooking techniques, his boundless creativity, his curious spirit and his ability for innovation. His innate sensitivity and his style have resulted in important contributions to the international avant-garde cooking, as well as his 2 current Michelin Stars and the 3 ‘Soles’ of the Guía Repsol at the restaurant ‘La Terraza del Casino’ of Madrid. He is the manager of the "gastrobars" ‘Estado Puro’, derived from a creative reinvention of a traditional Spanish bar of tapas. Also, he is the current gastronomic advisor of the restaurant “View 62 by Paco Roncero” in Hong Kong. His latent inventive spirit has led him to surpass the cooking limits to start some projects, such as the creation of the software “Gestor de Cocina” (Cooking Manager) or the publication of his books ˝Tapas y Gastronomía del S. XXI” (Tapas and Gastronomy of the 20th century), “Bocadillos y Ensaladas” (Sandwiches and Salads) and “Tapas en Estado Puro” (Pure Tapas). In addition, Paco Roncero has invented a unique scenario within the Casino de Madrid thanks to the latest technology in the design of environments and ambient intelligence. It is conceived for the creation of experiences and emotions in the gastronomic sphere as never before: ‘PacoRonceroTaller’, the workshop of emotions.


5 star rating


Elia O

A good course and an honor to recreate recipes from a chef like Paco Roncero

A good course and an honor to recreate recipes from a chef like Paco Roncero

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5 star rating


Nektarios D



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5 star rating

carbonara nest

nicolae l

very detail oriented

very detail oriented

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