Discover the secrets of El Chato restaurant

This is an online course where not only will you learn avant-garde recipes, but you will soak in Latin culture and the philosophy of El Chato’s cuisine.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

- replicate the most popular recipes of El Chato restaurant.

- make sauces based on lactic acid fermentations

- achieve crunchy textures through different methods

- apply modern cooking techniques to Colombian ingredients or to those from any other country.

Modern Colombian Cuisine

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

A menu designed to respect natural resources and take full advantage of raw materials

Chef Álvaro Clavijo's vision is to make local ingredients shine and apply techniques that heighten their value.

You will review the basics of French cuisine such as gastrique, confit and bernesa, but with a creative twist thanks to the use of ingredients such as culonas ants and tucupi. We will also take some inspiration from other countries, for example, Italian gremolata and Asian hoisin.

You will learn how to conquer your guests’ palates with the perfect combination of explosive flavors and textures.

You will use modern techniques such as spherification, fermentations, siphon foam, and ingredients like inulin and flavored oils.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at professional chefs or experienced foodies interested in bringing Colombian and Latin American gastronomy to haute cuisine.

What you'll need

  • Food processor
  • Vacuum sealer + bags
  • Siphon
  • CO2 charges
  • Blowtorch
  • Pressure cooker
  • Charcoal
  • Mandolin
  • Sorbet machine
  • Vitamix or blender
  • Dehydrator
  • Dehydrator mats (silpat)
  • Pasta machine
  • Pasta cutter

*Recommended equipment for some recipes (though not required for the course)

Modern Colombian Cuisine


Chef at El Chato (Bogota, Colombia), #5 of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2022

Álvaro Clavijo

Álvaro Clavijo is the brilliant mind behind El Chato restaurant in Bogota, Colombia. His cuisine doesn’t seek to be pretentious but does manage to capture attention for its distinguished style.

He started as a dishwasher in France and, at the chef’s suggestion, he ventured into the world of cooking. He trained at the Hofmann hotel school in Barcelona. He worked in the kitchens of several Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris for seven years; he spent three years in New York; then went to Noma restaurant in Denmark and finally back to his roots in Bogota.

El Chato opened its doors in 2017 as a contemporary bistro in the Chapinero Alto neighborhood. “Chato” is a Bogota expression to refer to a person and, in this fashion, Álvaro wanted to pay homage to his city and to local products. Since he opened, he has been working with small producers who send him their best ingredients. The relationship is so close, it’s gotten to the point where he has developed products with some of them or has motivated them to plant others that they weren’t growing. The menu changes according to the supply of local products and ingredients. There are dishes that have been on the menu since the restaurant’s beginning and which customers continue to ask for, thus elevating them to become classics.

"I'm always asked what kind of food we do at El Chato and it's a very difficult question to answer. The only reply I can give is that we take inspiration from local suppliers and we build a dish that people can order a la carte. The best way to name it for me was as a contemporary bistro. I didn't want a white tablecloth restaurant. I wanted good, tasty food and a place that people would want to come back to several times a week instead of once every six months. That seems to have played a big part in our success."

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