Gaig Restaurant - 1 Michelin Star

Carles Gaig

What's included?

  • 2h 10 min video
  • 8 Recipes
  • Course notes
  • Course certificate
  • Audio: Spanish
  • CC: English, Spanish

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Catalan gastronomy: traditional and avant-garde cuisine

This online course about traditional and avant-garde cuisine brings techniques and typical recipes of the Catalan gastronomy thanks to Carles Gaig. It is a cuisine with constant update which now leads the avant-garde international cuisine while keeping its cultural roots. 

Creativity, ingenuity and daring are useful words to assess many of the combinations of ingredients of the traditional and avant-garde cuisine in  Catalan gastronomy. 

You will learn plenty of skills during this course with one of the best teachers. An online course that will help you understand why Catalan cuisine is nominated to become part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Catalan Cuisine Carles Gaig Course Presentation
What you'll learn

Renewed traditional Catalan cuisine

This online course about traditional and avant-garde cuisine gathers the experience and professional work of Carles Gaig's long career, together with his most personal techniques and advice about Catalan gastronomy recipes. This chef to cook detailed elaborations with his characteristic personal touch.

You will go through various updated traditional recipes (meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, mushrooms, etc.), as well as the peculiar basis of Catalan gastronomy (the fumet, the chicken broth, the sofrito/sauté,...). 

You will see how the new modern techniques adapt to create astonishing tastes without leaving aside the basics of the most essential recipes of this region and their local products.

Who is it for?

The traditional course about traditional and avant-garde cuisine is thought for foodies, professionals or just lovers of Catalan gastronomy who want to learn with Carles Gaig. They will rediscover traditional recipes from a land where gastronomy has become a cultural heritage. 

What you'll need

  • Plastic bags and vacuum packaging machine 
  • Meat crusher (for the meat of the canneloni)
Catalan Cuisine Carles Gaig Course What Youll Learn


Gaig Restaurant - 1 Michelin Star

Carles Gaig

Carles Gaig is the 4th generation of cooks at a family restaurant founded as ‘Taberna de'n Gaig’, almost 150 years old. It is an authentic symbol of the neighborhood of Horta in Barcelona. This premises was renewed in 1989 with the strength of Carles Gaig and his eagerness to unify tradition and innovation to become ‘Restaurant Gaig’. Afterwards, in 2004, this restaurant moved to the core of the Catalan capital. Thanks to Carles' entrepreneurial spirit and his interest for high-quality cuisine, his restaurant has got a Michelin Star since 1993. His passion for his stoves and his accurate gastronomic vision have made him undertake several successful projects beyond his family restaurant. One of them is restaurant ‘Porta Gaig’, at the airport of Barcelona, and he is also the head chef of restaurant ‘La Cúpula’ in Fuerteventura. Gaig's cooking philosophy is accurate and perfectionist. Carles visits the Market of La Boquería (Mercado de la Boquería) in Barcelona every day in order to select and try the quality of his products in person. His goal is to give the world the best of his knowledge, based on the Catalan traditional cuisine inherited from his family. He wants to show delicious dishes that offer avant-garde and tradition, elaborated with the care of a teacher. Carles helps us enjoy his dishes, which sometimes seem to be old-fashioned but actually mean joy for our palate.

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