Owner and Chef at Koy Shunka, 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

Hideki Matsuhisa

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Umami: everything you need to know to get the most out of this particular taste

The prestigious chef Hideki Matsuhisa (1 Michelin star) teaches you everything you need to know about Umami and how to make the most of it through the dishes and recipe bases he makes in his restaurants. Umami is one of the basic tastes in addition to the 4 best known (sweet, bitter, salty and acidic). Umami in Japanese means ‘tasty’. 

Japanese cuisine was the first to identify this flavour and master it in order to enhance recipes and achieve more complex and more delicious flavours. Discover the potential of this characteristic flavour and take it to its maximum expression through the techniques and recipes of Japanese cuisine.

Learn in detail which products contain the Umami flavour and how to combine them in order to enhance it in your recipes with very interesting results. 

Deepen your knowledge and use of Umami through the traditional techniques and recipes of Japanese cuisine such as dashi, an intensely Umami base ingredient. Discover ingredients such as Kombu seaweed, whose main taste is Umami.

Japanese Cooking Umami Hideki Matsuhisa
What you'll learn

Theory, Technique, and Recipes for Mastering Umami

In this online course we give you all the keys to becoming a true Japanese master and adding umami to culinary creations of all kinds.

Learn what Umami is, its origins, history and characteristics.

Discover the 3 different types of Umami that exist, and the everyday products associated with each one. Learn which product combinations enhance this flavour.

Learn how to make dashi, a base ingredient with intense Umami flavour which is the essence of Japanese cuisine. The dashi will allow you to add a delicious and characteristic flavour to a multitude of preparations and recipes.

Just like a Japanese master, learn basic recipes such as miso soup or a variety of tempura using meticulous techniques to achieve the greatest result in terms of the flavour and texture for each product.

Learn how to integrate Umami through recipes from the Koy Shunka restaurant itself with one Michelin star.


For whom is the course suitable?

This course is aimed at foodies, professionals, and all lovers of gastronomic excellence who want to master the Umami taste and all the elements that influence this unique and yet relatively unknown flavour. 

Materials needed

Instruments or materials recommended in some recipes (not essential for the course):

  • Knives of the highest possible quality
  • Fish scaler
  • Ridged spatula
The teacher and master of this course Hideki Matsuhisa cutting fish


Owner and Chef at Koy Shunka, 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

Hideki Matsuhisa

Hideki Matsuhisa was born in Toyota (Japan) in 1972. From an early age he was introduced to Japanese cuisine and sushi techniques by his father, a sushi master and restaurant owner. At the age of 15 he moved to Tokyo where he worked in different restaurants and trained in different Japanese culinary techniques.

In 1997 he arrived in Spain and was fascinated by the variety and quality of Mediterranean products. It was then that his notion of uniting Japanese culinary tradition with Mediterranean cuisine and products began to take shape.

For a while, Hideki worked in several Japanese restaurants in Barcelona, but it was in 2001 that he decided to open his own restaurant, Shunka (which means Seasonal Aroma) together with his wife, his sister and his brother-in-law. Their idea was to fuse traditional Japanese techniques with Mediterranean products and the characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine, to achieve excellence and delicacy in dishes with a simple appearance but with a high level of preparation and quality.

In October 2009 Hideki inaugurated Koy Shunka (Intense Seasonal Aroma), Shunka's big brother. A spectacular restaurant with an open kitchen surrounded by a cedar wood bar where diners eat, detailed decoration, and a supreme gastronomic proposal in terms of quality and creativity, combining Hideki's wisdom and experience. The excellence and quality of the restaurant was recognized in 2013 with a Michelin star that it still retains today.
In 2014 Chef Hideki Matsuhisa opened Koy Hermitage at the Sport Hotel Hermitage in Soldeu (Andorra). In 2015 he opened the Kak Koy restaurant, a robataya Japanese brasserie. In 2016 he opened the Majide restaurant; a spin-off of Shunka.

Social proof: reviews

5 star rating

Stunning course, great teacher

Peter P

I learned so much with this course. I loved it and i hope you launch more of this type of courses!

I learned so much with this course. I loved it and i hope you launch more of this type of courses!

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5 star rating

Japanese Umami

Irene F

I loved it! Thank you for sharing you amazing tips.

I loved it! Thank you for sharing you amazing tips.

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5 star rating

Buen cursillo

Ana B

El maestro nos explica de forma sencilla y nos da consejos utiles. Ya conocia los platos (excepto el de la ostra) y aun asi aprendi algunas cosillas. Me hubi...

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El maestro nos explica de forma sencilla y nos da consejos utiles. Ya conocia los platos (excepto el de la ostra) y aun asi aprendi algunas cosillas. Me hubiera gustado mas detalles para otras verduras (papas, calabaza, pimientos de diferentes tipos...). Tal vez, me gusta lo tradicional y el rigor y el curso esta adaptado con productos occidentales, me hubiera gustado un poco mas tradicional como el uso de aceite de sesamo en la tempura. Me gustaria mas cursillo tipo Isakaya, tambien Kaiseki ;). (Lo siento por los acentos, teclado frances)

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5 star rating

Based dashi

Mahmoud Z

Based dashi is so amazing!!!

Based dashi is so amazing!!!

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