Founder of Zoyla Corp (Lima, Perú)

Valentín Dupuy

What's included?

  • 1h 28min HD video
  • 24 lessons
  • Additional material
  • Course Certificate

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Create a celebration around the fire, and take your barbecues to a professional level

Join the warm celebration that brings together flavors, entertainment and conversation. A weekend, a birthday, or any occasion provides the perfect excuse to connect around a fire.

Chef Valentín Dupuy shares his preparation and presentation tips to achieve precise results every time.

Showcase your skills at the grill! Acquire the knowledge needed to master the techniques and exceed expectations, whatever cut or finish your clients and guests may ask for.

At Scoolinary we have designed this course to share everything you need to consider when making grills, asados and barbecues.

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What you'll learn

Be a master of fire! An essential course for all meat lovers

This is a complete course that will take you deeper into the art of barbecue.

 First, we will undertake a brief review of theoretical concepts such as:

  • The story of man and fire
  • Reaction between food and fire
  • Most commonly used types of grill
  • Safety and hygiene provisions: clothing, tools, fires and temperatures
  • The evolution of different breeds of beef around the world.

Then the practical part will look in depth at:

  • Selection, reception and maturation
  • Basic grilling techniques depending on the nature of the meat
  • Most popular cooking styles
  • Temperature management
  • Ideal cut and presentation for events according to type of meat
  • Other products for roasting: pork, sausages and vegetables

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone who is interested in the world of grills, asados and barbecues.

Recommended equipment 

Instruments or materials suggested in some of the recipes (not essential for the course):

  • 3-tier grill
  • Long metal tongs
  • Probe thermometer
  • Grill kit


Founder of Zoyla Corp (Lima, Perú)

Valentín Dupuy

Valentín Dupuy is a talented Argentine chef who resides in Peru and loves to share his passion for grilling. He undertook his culinary studies at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy (IAG), where he completed a total of 13 specific courses. Upon graduation, he became manager of the Argentine restaurant chain La Cabrera, where his primary mission was to create a unique customer experience. Thanks to his hard work in search of excellence, La Cabrera managed to achieve 5 forks and become one of the 50 Best in Latin America. To date, he is the ambassador of the Argentine Grill Federation, an international group that is in charge of transmitting Argentine tradition and asado culture. Since 2018, after establishing himself in Peru, he is now the owner and corporate chef at Zoyla, a restaurant located in the Peruvian capital, specializing in grills, asados and barbecues. For Valentín, cooking evolved from being a necessity for basic survival to an art capable of moving, surprising and connecting people. With Zoyla he seeks to share the whole of Argentine barbecue culture throughout Peru.

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  • What are Scoolinary's online courses?

    Scoolinary courses are online classes that allow you to learn new knowledges and skills to improve your cuisine. Each course consists of several lessons that combine videos and texts with downloadable recipes and extra teaching materials.

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5 star rating


Στελλιος Ρ


5 star rating

Not your average Braai (South African BBQ)

Wouter K

Hard to learn with subtitles, but great content. As a South African, I don't get impressed by American BBQ but this is a whole new level! Nicely done!

Hard to learn with subtitles, but great content. As a South African, I don't get impressed by American BBQ but this is a whole new level! Nicely done!

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5 star rating


Benito R

Las explicaciones sobre la barbacoa el fuego la sal y las carnes es perfecta

Las explicaciones sobre la barbacoa el fuego la sal y las carnes es perfecta

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