Cofounder and Director of Innovation, I+Desserts

David Gil

What's included?

  • 1h 30min HD Video
  • 13 recipes
  • Recipe Book (English, Spanish)
  • Course certificate
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David Gil shows you creative desserts made to impress

In this online course you will learn how to prepare diverse and creative desserts with few ingredients, taught by a young and promising baker of the grand confectionery, David Gil.

David Gil,  a leader in desserts creativity, from the Tickets restaurant by Albert Adriá (elBarri Group), will teach you thirteen simple recipes to prepare at home, with family or friends, to achieve astonishing results. 

What you'll learn

Get the most out of ingredients to get creative and amazing desserts

The chef David Gil will teach you how to prepare different kinds of desserts from ingredients such as fruit, chocolate, dairy, doughs and airs.  

Although ice creams are not made in the course (we will provide the recipes in case you have an ice cream maker in the recipe book), you will be able to discover original and entertaining dishes and plattings with fascinating textures that will impress whoever tries them. 

Who is it for?

This online course is both for professionals and foodies who are  interested in haute cuisine and want to take advantage of learning the art of the textures to turn their desserts into a whole new sensory experience. Anyone who wants to go beyond the common techniques for making excellent textured pastries and prepare creative desserts to impress others, will find this course is full of original recipes to create in an easy way and with few resources, a unique experience for you guests.

Materials needed 

  • Thermometer 
  • Kitchen robot 
  • Piping Bag
  • Silicone sheet for Oven
  • Siphon
  • Ice Cream Maker (optional)
  • Oven
  • Microplane grater
David Gil creative desserts


Cofounder and Director of Innovation, I+Desserts

David Gil

David Gil was born in Vic (Barcelona) in 1990. At the age of 14 he began to show interest in cooking, and at the weekends he worked in his local restaurant. David decided to study hospitality at the prestigious Hofmann School of Hospitality. At the age of 16, he had already started working with Chef Nandu Jubany. He also completed stages at Le Calendre (3 * Michelin), Michel Bras (3 * Michelin) and Mugaritz (2 * Michelin), among others.

In 2012, having previously left his resume at Tickets restaurant (Barcelona), they called him to work as an assistant in the dessert section. David Gil soon surprised Albert Adrià with his curiosity and creativity and was quickly promoted to Head of Creative Pastry within the elBarri Group. He also helped to conceptualize commercial products, such as the Natura range by Turrones Vicens.

He worked on the development of the dessert menu for the Adrià Brothers collaboration with Cirque du Soleil at Heart Ibiza restaurant, as well as London based Cakes and Bubbles, and the New York based Little Spain project by José Andrés.
In 2015 he won the Luís Santpau trophy, an award that gave him recognition as the Best Chocolatier in Spain, and in 2019 he was awarded the National Gastronomy Pastry Prize.
He is currently Co-founder and Director of Innovation at I+Desserts, a gastronomic study centered around the sweet world. There he advises the restaurant and food industry sectors as well as developing his own projects.

His career path has allowed him to discover French and Italian confectionery, acquiring an overflowing sensitivity and knowledge for his young age. His work with the elBarri Group has brought him closer to mastering the techniques that were developed and used at elBulli. Precisely, thanks to all this accumulated knowledge, David Gil offers us at Scoolinary the most current and exciting knowledge that defines haute cuisine today.

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