Head chef of ViVa (Alice Ristorante), 1 Michelin Star (Milan, Italy)

Viviana Varese

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Discover different types of pasta and enjoy this highly appreciated dish that is loved all around the world.

Pasta is found in every Italian home, and features in a distinct section of every Italian restaurant menu, from trattorias to gourmet restaurants.

For Italians, pasta signifies conviviality, family, and the desire to share and socialize. It is part of daily life; the majority of Italians consume pasta once or twice each day and a meal would be considered unsatisfying without it.

Pasta has spread throughout the world and has evidently combined with several cultures very different from the Italian one. It is interesting to see how when a simple ingredient is combined with local cultures from around the world, something unique and magical is created.

The world of pasta is immense. In this course you will find some of Chef Viviana Varese’s signature dishes, in which tradition is perfectly matched with her creativity in order to produce something unique.

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

How to make fresh and dried pasta, both of which are worthy of a Michelin star when made with the right technique.

The diverse world of pasta can be divided into two macro groups: fresh pasta and dried pasta. You will learn how to make both. 

Fresh pasta can be split into two categories: with and without egg. According to the region, fresh pasta dough is made either with egg yolks or whole eggs. Every family has its own recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Fresh pasta made without eggs is composed of water and flour and is almost exclusively made in southern Italy.

Dried pasta is fresh pasta made without eggs, extruded into various shapes and then dehydrated in order to prolong its shelf life.

Colored pasta is also popular, and is very easy to make when you know how. It’s very important to choose the correct flour for the type of pasta. Using different types of flour will give completely different results.

Who is it for?

This course of medium difficulty level is aimed at professional chefs, experienced foodies or anyone with a solid basic knowledge of cooking. Some of the recipes are simple and others involve more technique.

What you'll need

  • Machine to knead pasta
  • Pasta maker
  • Roner
  • Vacuum machine
  • Ring cutter
  • Thermomix
  • Hand blender
  • Oven
  • Pasta pot
  • Precision scale
  • Chinois strainer
  • Whisk
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Smoker + pieces of wood
  • Siphon with cartridges
Italian Colorful Pasta


Head chef of ViVa (Alice Ristorante), 1 Michelin Star (Milan, Italy)

Viviana Varese

This Michelin-starred chef started cooking in her family’s fish restaurant when she was a child. Her personal and professional path led her to leave Campania in order to grow, learn and perfect her professional skills in top restaurants (including Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi’s L’Albereta, El Celler De Can Roca, Albert Adrià’s Enigma, Angel Leon’s Aponiente, and Christian Puglisi’s Relae).

In 1999 she opened her first restaurant, Il Girasole in Orio Litta (in the Lodigiano area of Italy). Meeting Sandra Ciciriello led to opening Alice Ristorante in Milan in 2007, and to being awarded their first Michelin Star. In 2011, the restaurant transferred to Eataly Smeraldo in Milan.

A perfect harmony of seasonal flavors and modern culinary technology has contributed to the success of Alice Ristorante. As a result, in February 2015 it became a member of the Associazione Le Soste, and then, in May, Viviana was nominated as chef Ambassador to Expo Milano 2015. In 2019, Alice Ristorante became VIVA Viviana Varese.

In June 2021 Viviana Varese opened W Villadorata Country Restaurant at the Villadorata Country House in Noto in Sicily. In July 2021 she was among the winners of "Champions of Change", presented in collaboration with S.Pellegrino; an award which recognizes and celebrates those who used this difficult period to promote significant actions within their community. This is a special prize that preceded the ‘World's 50 Best Restaurants 2021’ event.

In February 2022 Viviana Varese opened ‘Io sono VIVA Dolci e Gelati’, an artisanal ice cream parlor and small patisserie in Milan with an all female team selected in collaboration with CADMI, an anti-violence center for women.

Viviana Varese is part of the 'Ambasciatori del Gusto', of Euro-Toques Italia and is listed among the ‘50 Best Discovery’.

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