Owner and Chef at FOgO restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)

João Alcantara

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Discover the charm of Brazil with this cooking course by chef João Alcantara

This online course, all about Brazilian cooking with the renowned chef João Alcantara, reveals the richness of Brazilian cuisine, a gastronomy full of color and flavor, which is based on a wide variety of products, due to the large size of the country.  It’s also a fusion cuisine, thanks to a variety of origins, ranging from indigenous cuisine, to African and European influences, which has created a totally unique combination of flavors, colors and aromas.

This course combines João's technique and knowledge, harmonizing the flavors of the Brazilian diet together with the influences of Mediterranean gastronomy that he acquired during his time spent in Barcelona.

You will find healthy and sophisticated recipes, culminating in an explosion of flavors that will transport you to the very heart of Brazil. João loves his country, the cuisine, and the products. In this course he offers us a fresh, innovative and healthy cuisine, rich in nutrients.

One of the most recognized aspects of his work is his collaboration with high-performance athletes, including footballer Dani Alves. In addition, he takes care to make his food accessible to everyone, hence all of his recipes can be gluten-free: most do not contain any ingredients with gluten, and in the two recipes where gluten does appear, João also suggests gluten free alternatives.

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Course curriculum

What you'll learn

The foundations and essential characteristics of Brazilian cuisine

Discover this online cooking course with the great chef João Alcantara, a lover of fruit and vegetable products. You will immerse yourself fully in the gastronomy of Brazil through its four fundamental pillars: culture, flavor, health and pleasure.

You will learn to work with new ingredients, such as yucca, discovering its properties and how to work with it to produce dishes that are simple, yet full of color and flavor. These products are easy to find and you will be surprised by their fantastic qualities and the many possibilities they offer.

João takes us on a journey through Brazilian culture, so we can get to know a little more about this exceptional country.

Brazilian culture is clearly represented through its gastronomy and flavor is one of its main characteristics. Health is also a very important element, since Brazilian cuisine is accessible for people with celiac disease and especially for athletes. Finally, pleasure, in every sense, is found in all aspects of Brazilian cuisine.

Who is it for?

This online cooking course is aimed at foodies or professionals who want to discover Brazilian gastronomy and the talent of João Alcantara, a young chef, and ambassador of this cuisine that has so much potential.

João is a great communicator who will share with us a range of healthy, flavorful products, and different ways of presenting them. This course may also be of interest to those within the world of sport and health, because João's cuisine is ideal for athletes, as well as for celiacs, and vegetarians.

Recommended equipment 

Instruments or materials suggested in some of the recipes (not essential for the course):

  • Siphon
  • Silicon mat
  • Thermometer
  • Blender or thermomix
  • Dehydrator (optional)


Owner and Chef at FOgO restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)

João Alcantara

Born in Vitoria (Espirito Santo, Brazil), João Alcantara is a unique chef who has united his two passions in life: sport and gastronomy. He began his career by studying the impact of food upon athlete performance and then developed a cuisine based on healthy foods for high physical performance. In Brazil, he worked in renowned restaurants such as Soeta and Capim Santo, where he had the opportunity to get to know the diversity and richness of Brazilian cuisine, in depth. In 2012, he traded Brazil for Barcelona to expand his culinary repertoire, and chose to live in Spain because of the influence of its cuisine. His goal was to improve his techniques, to explore new technologies, and to study in depth Ferran Adrià's molecular gastronomy, and the traditional and signature cuisine of the Roca brothers. João is exploring the fusion of his Brazilian roots with all of the highly complex content he learned in Barcelona. This is the basis of his cooking, which he himself calls ‘alchemy’. One of his main goals is to share his alchemy with the general public, to demonstrate that it is possible to lead a healthy life without losing the pleasure of eating well. After several years cooking for athletes like Maxwell (Paris Saint Germain) and Daniel Alves (Barcelona), he has now undertaken, in collaboration with Dani Alves himself, the Alchemy project. This project includes: the Atelier FOgO, a creative training space in Barcelona; Alquimia FOgO, which offers courses and gourmet catering for events and big brands such as Hermès and GQ magazine; and FOgO Experiences where he aims to democratize Brazilian cuisine. João also presents the program “Homens Gourmet” broadcast by FoxLife channel on Brazilian television. João creates an impeccable contemporary fusion of his two countries, Brazil and Spain, resulting in dishes that are refined, beautiful and healthy.

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