Co-Founder of Wonder Cookies and Cookie Chef (Barcelona, Spain)

Betina Montagne

What's included?

  • 3h 27m HD video
  • 7 recipes 
  • 33 lessons
  • Recipe Book (English, Spanish, French, German)
  • Course certificate
    English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese


The classics of American pastry that you have always wanted to make. You will discover delicious and visually stunning desserts using innovative pastry and baking techniques that anyone can master.

In this online course, Betina Montagne teaches you the classics of American home baking.

Recipes, techniques, tips, flavor combinations, the correct mould for the job, baking and storage temperatures, avant-garde decorations, and secrets for perfect results.

We will apply modern pastry and filling techniques and demonstrate avant-garde decorations for the desserts that every American family make.

We will also see the advantages of using new technologies and how a cold environment is your friend when making American pastry.

 We will see how mechanical or manual kneading influences the dough, the flavours associated with this type of pastry, its shape, and what moulds to use.

Different american cakes

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

You will learn the basic principles of American pastry from the main categories of American cakes.

In this course, you will learn the basic theory of American pastry. You will also discover the types and principal characteristics of the main categories of ingredients used in American-style baking: flours, dairy products, eggs, leavening agents, fats, and flavours. 

You will find out what elements or characteristics of this pastry make it unique and particular. Betina will make sure that the basic rules of this pastry are unambiguous, ensuring consistently good results.

You will learn to prepare the most important recipes in each of the main categories of American pastry.

Layer Cakes: cakes made from layers

Loaf Cakes:  cakes made for slicing

Pies & tarts: open or closed

Brownies & Bars

Cookies: classic cookies

Who is it for?

This course is for anybody. It is aimed at anyone who loves pastry and wants to learn the principles of American baking and its most emblematic recipes. Only basic knowledge of pastry is required. 

Necessary Materials

Tabletop blender with whisk and paddle.

  • 10 medium bowls to weigh ingredients
  • 10 small bowls to weigh ingredients
  • 1 scale up to 5 kg.
  • 1 precision scale.
  • Spatulas
  • Spoons
  • Knives
  • Cutting board.
  • 20 fun and bakeable cardboard or wooden lollipop sticks.
  • 3 square moulds 24x24 cm.
  • 3 aluminium baking trays.
  • Baking paper.
  • 4 plum cake moulds 12 cm long.
  • 2 round moulds 15x8 cm high.
  • Spray oil for moulds.
  • Brushes.
  • 10 large pastry bags.
  • 1 grid for icing.
  • Turntable (optional)
  • Pie cutter (optional)
Different american cakes


Co-Founder of Wonder Cookies and Cookie Chef (Barcelona, Spain)

Betina Montagne

Born in Caracas (Venezuela), she began her training at the Centro de Capacitación Profesional de Alta Cocina Venezuela. After completing her studies as a pastry chef, she travelled to New York to study and work in an important New York bakery. After 5 years, she returned to Caracas to work as an executive pastry chef for the Il Grillo Gastronomic Group, which owns seven restaurants in Venezuela and others in Costa Rica and Panama.
That experience lasted 4 and a half years until she felt that Barcelona was calling her.
Once she had finished her studies as a Master Baker, she embarked on her trip to Spain. There she completed her specialization at La Escuela de Desserts Espaisucre, specializing in restaurant pastry.
She began her tour of ateliers like Oriol Balaguer, Montse Estruch, Hotel Arts, The Trendy Cake, Belgious Group, and her own project, the first American Bakery in Barcelona, La Blanca La Pura Bakery. Additionally, she specialized at the same time in artisanal ice cream at the hands of Maestro Pino Scaringella, owner of Gelato Masters (Aromaitalia).
She worked as a Specialist Teacher in American Pastry at the EspaiSucre School. It was a job that she combined with her own consultancy company for bakers and pastry chefs wishing to learn this style.
In 2019, she was a judge on the premier bakery television program – Bake off.
Finally, in 2019 he opened Wonder Cookies. An American cookie factory in Barcelona and Flaky Pastry Research Centre. It is here that you can find her running her business alongside her partner Júlia Millet.

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