Restaurant ‘Miramar’ - 5 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Paco Pérez

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Paco Pérez brings the Mediterranean close in 6 unique fish and seafood recipes

Could you taste the sea without even plunge into it? Paco Pérez does so in this online cooking course teaching you how to take the sea to your palate through those recipes, techniques and elaborations that helped him succeed. By taking advantage of the proximity between the Mediterranean Sea and Miramar, chef Paco Pérez's home, with 5  Michelin Stars, creates 6 different recipes and 35 excellent elaborations. You will find out everything about it during this course, where sea ingredients and the techniques to treat them with the maximum respect are the basis of any dish. You will get the best of each product. 

A cooking course about fish and seafood taught with passion by one of the chefs of the sea. Creativity, emotion and identity in a unique course. It will take your smell, sight and taste to one of the paradises of the Iberian Peninsula. At last! The sea gets to your dishes thanks to one of the greatest chefs, and you will not even leave your kitchen.

What you'll learn

Chef Paco Pérez's techniques, gastronomy and philosophy

In this online course you will be able to make complex elaborations with a high-quality result and natural premium products. You will enjoy the sea bite by bite and you will improve your techniques, mainly in products like prawns, sea urchins and seaweeds.

In this course, Paco Pérez shows you different ways of cooking seafood, seaweeds or fish depending on what you would like to remark in your dish. In addition, you will learn new cooking techniques used for different elaborations to add a unique, delicious and innovative touch to your recipes.

Who is it for?

Never mind if you are more of a sea or a mountain person, this online cooking course is not only thought for gastronomic professionals but it is also ideal for foodies willing to make their cooking knowledge grow with ingredients from our sea. Knowing and learning elaborations to combine with your creations with complete balance and technique to get the maximum benefit from every ingredient. 


Restaurant ‘Miramar’ - 5 Michelin Stars (Madrid, Spain)

Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez is for cooking what sun is for day. Accumulating 5 Michelin Stars, Paco Pérez's cuisine is characterised for his devotion towards his job and he suggests passion, creativity, perfection, cultural background and closeness in each of his recipes. Based mainly on the product, his cuisine revolves around what has surrounded him during his whole life: the sea.

From a very young age, Paco Pérez has shown passion for gastronomy. What began as a hobby has ended up being his brand and his job. He was studying cooking for some years to become the person he is today.

Paco has made his lifestyle out of cooking and he finds his inspiration in emotions, the landscape around him and his inner cosmos. From this fusion of experiences, 130 different dishes and genuine creations are born every year.

After years of research and learning in his stoves, Paco Pérez owns or advise more than eight restaurants, all of them unique and different, where the chef's essence is always present. Among all his restaurants we can find the Miramar en Llançà (2* Michelin), the collection of wine of the Hotel Arts in Barcelona (2* Michelin), the Cinco at the Hotel Das Stue de Berlín (1* Michelin), Tast (Manchester) and Arco (Gdansk, Poland). Additionally, he has created different informal, successful concepts, such as ‘La Royale’, ‘L'Eggs’ and ‘Bao Bar’ in Barcelona, or ‘Al Lado’ at the hotel EME Catedral de Sevilla.


5 star rating


Gloria C

A new way of cooking the sea, I only have one word: Wonderful. I have loved it and I am already making the recipes.

A new way of cooking the sea, I only have one word: Wonderful. I have loved it and I am already making the recipes.

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5 star rating

A genius!

Raimyson S

A real genius

A real genius

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5 star rating


Nektarios D

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