Restaurant ‘Monastrell’ - 1 Michelin Star

Mª José San Román

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Innovation and Mediterranean tradition in rice

Learn with the chef María José San Román, Michelin cook from Alicante specialised in rice and olive oil, to achieve a perfect cooking technique and a delicious taste in your rice dishes. Explore the different productions beyond the traditional paella, dry, thick and soupy rice with all their possibilities, tastes and perfect execution. 

Through 7 recipes with rice as the protagonist, this online rice course will teach you how the measures for the bases, the cooking process and the grain choice, will turn your rice into "THE" rice. Leave that simple paella behind and show the gourmet inside you!

What you'll learn

Understand the process of rice and learn to choose the best varieties

You will learn to cook an always perfect rice with 7 incredible and varied recipes, which are mixed with passion, experience, taste and premium ingredients. Understand the importance of having everything measured and calculated from the very beginning to cook a great rice dish. This must be so as rice is time, temperature, water and fat.

During this online rice course, you will see recipes like 'Rice with veal leg and chickpeas', very marine rice dishes such as 'Rice with broth of smoked morey eel and onions', 'Black rice with cuttlefish' or 'Rice with plankton'. Also, you will learn to cook "Rice with milk" but without any milk

All this will be done without forgeting an essencial part, which is the theory –put into practice throughout the course- of key elements such as: 

  • Distinguish among the different varieties of rice (Bombita, Bahía, Carnaroli or Albufera, among others from the Levant) 
  • Knowing what variety of rice should be used to cook one recipe or another according to chef María José San Román: 
  •  Soupy Rice: variety Albufera and variety Bomba
  •  Dry Rice: variety Bahía, whole rice Bahía & Senia
  •  Thick Rice: variety Bombita and Carnaroli.
  • Preparing a good sofrito/sauté like salmorreta 
  • The importance of a good broth for rice, like white or red fumet.

After this course, you will be able to invite everybody for lunch and enjoy a premium rice, either cooked with a paella pan or in a (wood-fired) oven! 

Who is it for?

This online cooking course is thought to teach either enthusiast foodies or gastronomy professionals so that they can cook an outstanding rice dish by showing techniques, ingredients, advice and knacks depending on what rice dish is wanted. Learn to choose your basic ingredients properly and cook them from the start to achieve an excellent dish with this cereal. Discover how to cook soupy, thick and dry rice dishes in the kitchen of the chef María José San Román in Alicante.


Restaurant ‘Monastrell’ - 1 Michelin Star

Mª José San Román

María José San Román is a cook with constant training who combines innovationn and Mediterranean tradition in her recipes. One of the greatest ladies of the Spanish gastronomy thanks to her enthusiasm and charm. In addition, she is concerned about getting the best products of ecologic, natural origin in order to make something unique and healthy out of her recipes. She devotes a great deal of her time to research about typical products of our gastronomy, like the saffron, something in which she is regarded as an international expert. She also explores new gastronomic possibilities of this traditional "red gold” and its different uses in modern fine cuisine. International ambassador and strong advocate of the virtues of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Her restaurant ‘Monastrell’, in Alicante, holds a Michelin Star since 2013. There, she focuses on preserving the tastes of the initial fundamental elements, with the main role of autochthonous ingredients. At the Monastrell, the chef consolidates her career of more than 20 years in charge of the stoves of this restaurant. Together with her husband, José Perramón, they own: The restaurant «Restaurante Monastrell» The bar «La Taberna del Gourmet» The grill house « Asador La Vaquería» And the burger «Hamburguesería Tribeca» They all belong to GRUPO GOURMET ALICANTE, a gastronomic project that was born in 1975 and continues evolving, reaping successful results in the gastronomic offer of Alicante.

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