Who is Leonardo Espinoza?

"It’s important that we carefully attend to the details to achieve the best results."

Creative pastry has become his way of life, where there’s constant learning from both colleagues and students alike.

His love for design has been with him since he was a child. It was always clear to him that what he liked most was to create new things and to think about how to make them – that was the challenge he wanted. Starting with his studies at school, everything began to be related to design. When it was time to advance to the university, there was no doubt that architecture was his career. Midway through his degree, gastronomy emerged as an interest and managed to attract him to the point that he completely changed the course of his profession.

In 2008 he began his training at the IAG (Argentine Institute of Gastronomy) to become a career gastronomic professional. When he finished his training, he found work in restaurants. Although his training was broad, he always leaned toward sweets and pastries.

Thanks to television, he began to see the new trends in cake decoration. He realized that this discipline united his passion for design and gastronomy.

He started researching, training, and developing new cake decorating techniques, some with favorable results and others, not so much. He has shared countless recipes with friends and family, using their palates for approval.

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